Hour 14: Lost

On days when the world is too much

And I feel lost in neon and concrete

I walk into the woods and breath in

I let the ground reawaken my soul

I let the stream bubble joy into my chest

I walk and walk until I can feel myself

Until I can face chrome and glass again

Hour 13: Puckish

Walking down streets and singing

Nabbing a roll here and telling tales there

I tell Old Nanny May there is dirt upon her dress

And giggle while she looks

I pretend to throw the dogs a stick

And chuckle while they chase air


This is a poem I might need to come back to. I just can’t figure out where I should go from here. I like the idea of it, but it feels like something is missing.

Hour 12: Erasure

A lonely destiny

Knew difference between right and wrong

No moral grays in life

The duty to tell the world


I used Good Omens for my erasure poem. I had fun but I wish the page I used had more words on it that felt right. And look pretty much on time XD 

Hour 11: Shadows

I was always told to watch shadows

They hold more than secrets

If I’m not careful they will take me

You don’t notice it the first few times

But get caught a time too many

And you become the shadow

Watching and waiting to become human again


Oops late again lol. Well I should be getting on track.

Hour 10: City Scape

Moonbeams shine on the city

Turning concrete to marble

The hush of the city everywhere

No yells of damn or fuck breaking the peace

The city will shine in quiet till dawn

When the fog hides the beauty for an other day


woot just made it back on track. I really like ones where they have you pick from a word list. It helps start something sometimes for me 

Hour 9: Princess Bride

Unusual sized rats and six fingered men

Fire swamps and dreaded pirates

A love stronger than steel

And a wicked prince planning to kill his bride

A wild story full of small magic and deep love

Wit and strength throughout

A tale that will last through time

A tale that will always be in my heart


Running a little behind now. But I’m still here!!

Hour 8: Stars

The stars were once bright spots

But now they are spots of fire

Burning all that they touch

Once full of stories

Now full of horrors

We don’t name them for our gods now

But of poisons and death

The stars shine for pain now

No linger for beauty


I wasn’t feeling the form prompt so I looked through Pinterest instead. 

Hour 7: Kisses

Life brings many things

The soft kiss on a scraped knee

The goodbye kisses before jumping out of a car

The first Kiss full of teeth and blushing

The fist last kiss full of pain and tears

The last kiss on a wrinkled cheek

Hour 6: Out

Some days I feel lost

Separated from myself

Like there is a me going about

But not present

Like my soul got locked out

Out of this house I call a body

The day ends and I’m not sure

What happened and where the day went

Hour 5: Untitled

I lay on the couch

Frozen I place, watching

It inches closer, growing

Ot starts the size of a penny

But soon a plate

A dog

I want to move

Run on six fewer legs

But I can’t

It reaches to touch my face

And I’m awake


this one was fun to write. I had a dream staying at my aunts of a giant spider crawling down to my face. So very scary dream