The Revolt Poet – One Last Dance

One. Last. Chance.
One last push, one last call to arms.
One last proclamation, one last shaman’s charm,
One last demand,
For one last fight.
For one lasting change.
For one, for all, with all our might,
With one passion, so intense, it seems deranged,
To, for one last time, set alight
This world of famine, war, and endless night.
For one last dance upon the embers,
With one love, arm in arm, left foot, then right.
One last kiss. Valhalla. Our 5th November.

The Revolt Poet – StatesEyed

I am an anti-British
Anti-establishment, cocky prick,
Shock and awe poetry,
And vitriol in the words I spit.
I’m not sure how well this anglo-centrism can stick,
Because after all the world world is full of shit.
This is my first international gig.
Take it seriously. Prepare for it.
Why bother? Wing it – it’s more authentic.

An American poem, you’ve never read?
Do it. Better said
Than left in your head.
Both sides of the Atlantic
Hate the wearers of those dumb hats, red,
“Make America Great Again” embroidered

Because America, like its founder, the UK,
Has made one fundamental mistake
Neither place, was ever “Great”
In the first place.

The Revolt Poet – David’s Ode.

It was in the common room
Of the Graveston, where I first set eyes on you,
And of course, I knew
That which I had to do
But, in that moment, looking down at you,
Eyes so deep brown, I could see through
Them, surrounding by your pinkish hue,
Into your soul,
And right there, I knew our union
Would make me whole
Forever more.
My faith in the world
Only your beauty could restore.
As I felt the touch of your snout, against my skin,
I’d swear it was the tenderest connection, that there has ever been.

And though cynical world, would describe you, as just a pig’s decapitated head,
Its our liaison, and your face I think of, laying in Samantha’s bed.

The Revolt Poet- Welcome to Peterloo (a fragment)

We are all still lain slain at Peterloo
Ill-represented, repressed,
Hearing echoes of Shelley too –
Politicians reduced to personifications
Of eternal sin.
Has anything ever been as apt as that?
Representative democracy – a pile of crap.
A single borough and school, is hegemonic
– The bureaucrats,
Remodelled, to give the semblance of the meritocrat,
When, as a matter of fact,
The dial of the thermostat,
Has not been turned a single click from the white heat
Of 1819.
Manchester Yeomanry.
You and me.
History… Repeats.
The plaque took 150 years to adorn the street
And of course, euphemistically,
Initially referred only
To the “dispersal of the military”.

The Revolt Poet – A Slither

Sometimes, “conspiracy theory”
Is a term thrown around too liberally,
As a synonym for incorrect fact.
Don’t presume that.
Instead clarify,
Assume the knowledge you can provide
Is not already possessed.
Do not let the meaning of that phrase be repressed –
Because “conspiracy” requires organised thought.
It is the act of plotting, or conspiring, of course,
And that is not my saying to discard all you’re taught,
Only most of it,
The Imperial bits.

After all,
It is a hot day today,
But the Prince won’t sweat.
But that is not because he is a lizard,
But because he’s patiently inside awaiting
The reopening of the Pizza Express.

The Revolt Poet – Gang Mentality

Racism is, as it has always been, giving the unintelligent man,
An excuse, to help him explain, and understand,
His mediocrity, in spite of being dealt the winning hand,
And finding still, the game of life not going quite to plan.

Look. If you do feel as though to belong in this land,
And feel safety, you feel you must join a clan,
Make sure it’s Wu Tang,
Not Klu Klux, please understand:

Regardless of what the mass media tells you.
Do some research. The practice of lynching continues.

The Revolt Poet – Spot the Difference.

  1. Powerful & Continuing Nationalism:
    I think it is safe to say, without expansion, that’s still present in both of them.
  2. Disdain for Recognition of Human Rights:
    Is that not why advocates for peace and left wingers are deliberately mischaracterised, as terrorist sympathisers?
  3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause:
    Racial otherisation, mass incarceration common, and anti-Communism of course
  4. Supremacy of the Military:
    Poppyganda, false heroism & Armed Forces Days, to silence dissention, if their flag you refuse to wave
  5. Rampant Sexism:
    Creating a “female” leader who was the most repressive of all, lying to Parliament and the public to facilitate territorial war.
  6. Controlled Mass Media:
    Like where the whole scene, is controlled by 6 to 8 men? None of whom pay tax as non-doms, supported by Government friends
  7. Obsession with National Security:
    See number 3. Prevent. Trident. Armoured Police.
  8. Religion and Government are intertwined:
    These days, that has been lessened, fine, but I’d suggest that’s just a feature of these modern times,
    For evidence of this research Crusades or Holocaust in India, and you will find
    Or Iraq and Afghanistan – another war, another lie.
  9. Corporate Power is Protected:
    Another obvious one – see military industrial complex.
  10. Labour power is suppressed:
    A straight line can be drawn from the Chartists, and the suffragettes, to the fact teaching unions were castigated for daring to suggest
    That it should be safe for their return to work, and it wasn’t yet.
  11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts:
    Like charging Lowkey with inciting terrorism, from within his bars?
  12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment:
    Cynthia Jarret. Kelso Cochrane. End of argument.
  13. Rampant Cronyism & Corruption:
    Like when the Royal Family keep there assets in a tax haven?
  14. Fraudulent Elections:
    Like in 2016, where the dark web and spending breaches won with a slogan?

They are the 14 faculties of Fascism, according to Dr Britt
So I’d ask Brits,
With common sense,
And on that evidence

Fascism & Collonialism
What’s the difference?

The Revolt Poet – Light the Fire.

Rebel. Refuse. Resist. Revolt. Overcome.
It only takes a single match to burn a forest,
You could be the one.
Don’t let them douse the protests momentum
Or put back in the bottle what we have begun,
The onus is on us to turn the riots into rebellion,
To redefine the rotten core
At the very heart of the system,
And whilst we’re at it, disband the Union,
And corrupt institutions,
Like the Catholic Church, militaries, the Royal Family and Governments
Formed out of Eton,
For Red or Blue,
What’s there to choose,
Between Starmer’s Labour and the Tories, or in the US too
Where soon you get to choose between two
White men.
Racists. Misogynists. Both of them.