The Gift(Prompt 24!)

its gift to write,

to feel as deeply as we do

this is for the poets,

writing a poem every hour for 24 isn’t a mean feat,

it’s a gift to know emotion,

to push hyperbole past lies and visuals past words,

here we colour,

in colors so surreal they crowd the mind,

dull the bright its been a long day yet you still write,

to the dreamers and the doubter,

you’re unique never doubt yourself,

your work is magnifique

never fail to understand,

we have been blessed with the gift to write,

to see images and listen to stories and create magic from what was just Tom’s pain day,

to be in touch with your emotions,

today has shown me they’ll never be


2020, 24HR Poetry Marathon

-Ropa, signing out!

Conjuring Love’s Misfortune

The conjurer of your misfortunes.
Babe, I’m sorry
For treating your house like a tennis ball,
Using my sides as rackets,
I’m sorry for the spillage,
I should have treated your heart for what it was
An egg,
I know words can’t express
At this point actions either,
Humpty Dumpty was never reconstructed,
So our bond might be gone externally,
But allow me to rebuild the Bifrost that connected our souls,
That made us one,
Whilst i played with an entirely greater sum

I Entered Alone, And Like That I Will Leave

do not call me lonely,

i find sufficient company within myself,

i find sufficient happiness within myself,

i am not a clown,

t quote Ropa i am an entire circus,

born to live and change i came into the world alone,

and when i left my mother’s arms i felt the cold,

the riveting winds that would slit legs,

leaving you cold and called,


i tried love and i’ve noticed love picks it’s favourites,

picks its friends and kills other feelings and is the cause of most betrayal,

i;’m not lonely,

don’t call me that,

i just find sufficient happiness in solitude,

barricading the dust that was once my heart in Area 51 type fortitude,

a heart that was broken to specks but the last one ran it over with a tar ram,

so i guarded what i thought was love and fed ut to the dust that is my heart,

it fed me back,

and gave birth to happiness,

i will forever find gratitude in solitude


Seen But Muted(Prompt 21)

personality, understanding and love,

i am not me,

personality diluted and many personas intrude into my dream

struggled in all three areas,

constantly shifting and changing in to a different persona i don’t know who i am,

i was stuck running away from,

the constant ridicule,

lisp and ugliness,

so i changed persona to give me a bulletproof vest,

from vest to a tank,

i changed,

they would fight with pistols i would through at them grenades and missiles,

i deserved the lack of love and understanding,

how i pushed away everyone,

built a 60m wall to keep the inquisitives out,

built a civilization from my isolation,

developed concepts to self provided,

loved those that didn’t love me because breaking my own heart makes it easier to fix,

you know where all the pieces are,

splinters and shards,

i long for understanding

i long to be loved,

i long to be myself,

waiting for the ones that come with bulldozers,

breakdown the walls of my solitude

i’m tired of being alone


Candles Turn Bulbs To Sunlight(Prompt 20)

it started with a smirk,

she lighted my candles with the smallest of sparks,

she then made eyecontact,

i was baited,

the blessing i got from Christ to write,

about moments so pure,

her smirk lit the candle stick that was my attention,

the smirk turned into a grin,


the struggle was to shy away from the eyecontact,

maybe she felt like i was the one,

maybe the same way i was feeling,

still hooked,

mentally shook,

looked at my zip,

thinking the look was because i was unhooked,

i’m wearing joggers!

emotionally took,

to the bleachers,

the bulb switched on,

she had planted her roots,

here’s a little boy in a man’s body,

shacking to my boots,

smirk bait,

grin bait,

the voice atook,

dragged me to cloud 9,

wait she made the fist move,

you slack again,

still deep in my thoughts,

accepting the in my presence God’s angel,

who had done one over me,

bait, hook and took,

i stopped starring,

her face beautiful,

afraid if i gaze too long i’ll be awestruck,

the arrival of a kind sun,

she was made for me,

well i thought so,

the sun sets too,

but our frequent on and off romances lit my insecurities out in the open,

her souls sun burnt them crisp,

it was all too much to handle,

the more i spent time with her,

the more i became tipsy,

i thank God for her,


Allow Me

Allow me to love parts of you no one ever loved on me,

Allow me to speak the words i never heard but my ears bled to hear,

Allow me to hug away the pain like she never hugged me,

Allow me to show you how to love me,

How to cherish my soul for what it’s supposed to be,

I’ll be your student too,

Teach me how to love you like the others didn’t,

We’ll be students of ourselves,

Loving eachother,

To the fullest


If I Told You I Loved You

If i told you i loved you.

Would you be willing to love me back,

To write back to me,

To every letter I’d have sent to you,

Stained with the blood from my viens

Blood pumped straight from my heart,

Love pure,

Nothing to lose with all to gain,

A play on hearts through words engraved

she maintained,

The flame,

A love that was like beauty and the beast, but this time no change brought by a kiss


Keypaded Touchscreen(Prompt 17)

welcome all here gathered,

we are all gathered to lay to rest the phone with buttons,

date of birth wasn’t recoreded,

sometime around the 2016s

but it fought a good fight,

bringing about long battery life and snake games,

oddly enough to die it had to bite itself,

but we grew and as her children moved,

the mother was pushed close to extinct,

here lies the grave of keypad phones,

you fought a good fight,

but couldn’t keep fighting with the changing of times and modification and greater personification of the model device,

so here we lay you to rest,

rest easy,

and peaceful,

i don’t see my generation resurrecting you anytime soon


My Angel (Prompt 16)

i was attracted to this majestic being,

i took no chances,

no probables,

i treated her liker the queen she was,

i feared to loose her,

for she was the one of the few good things in my life,

i couldn’t tell her i lo……,

wait, i like her,

a lot,



The Heights I’m Comfortable With(Prompt 15)

48 000 feet,

cruising altitude,

like sardines we’re packed in an aluminium can that floats in the sky,

going at 800km/hr

Lord receive me please if this tin can fails,

and we’re forced to plummet to our demise,

but i also see in my eyes,

hope that is fuel to fuel a generation,

the beginning of innovation

and we shall orchestra a new age of technology ushered by the metal birds of the air


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