POEM 9-Champion spirit

Sunny weather finally in town,

Long strolls are back again,

Choruses of thoughts echo in my mind

and I want to conquer the world!

Who joins me in this quest?


POEM 8-Needing more friends

I sometimes search love online,

but the wind whispers that it’s wrong,

that I should keep looking in the real life.

Maybe I should get even more real!


I would like to have more friends,

I would like to see more smiles.

Who wouldn’t want this?

It’s more pleasant to squander time with someone.


Although it seems that you lose some hours,

you gain so much-experience, positive emotions.

You build confidence, you become more tolerant.

Who said that social experience was not important?

POEM 7-Music

Music is such a delicate ‘weapon’,

that it can help foes to make peace,

that it gives wings to our dreams,

that it brings people together.


Friends as well as foes share the concert hall,

sharing a joy, a moment of grace.

You do not need to know to play the harp or the piano,

you just need to listen and you’ll be happier.


In my sad moments, music can be the rainbow

after a disturbingly heavy rain,

it soothes me, it touches my heart,

giving me one more reason to smile.


Whether I listen to zen music or to classical music,

I feel that music is one of the world’s greatest wonders.

Even if we do not realize it, music accompanies us

in the different stages of our existence.

POEM 6-Burning question

Your warm voice is the secret passage

to your heart.

Is your frankness or your smile

that made me love you?


Is your light or even your shadows

that aroused my interest?

However, I am not complete without you

and I want you here, by the fire.

POEM 5-Hesitation

A sonnet for my blue heart

and a poem for your wounds.

Are words enough to express what we feel?

Or heartbeats sound louder than wisest words?


POEM 4-Us in the mirror

What if Cinderella had said ”Mirror, mirror on the wall”

and not the well-known Snow White?

What if my story was yours

and if your story was mine?


What changes if you are a beggar or a prince?

Does anything change at all?

If yes, for whom?

For you or for the people around you?


Will you care more for society’s whims

than for your soul, than for your beliefs?

Are we going in the right direction?

Or are we wrong? Quo vadis Domine?


Seeds of love scattered by the wind,

mystery floating in the air,

I wonder if you told me more truths than lies

and how I could detect the truth.


If you read this, don’t get bored my ex-darling,

but think of answering my questions.

I still have questions regarding you

and even if you say nothing, do not forget me.


Cherry tree in blossom,

birds singing,

coffee waiting to be drunk,

everything has its own rhythm.


Why cannot I find my own

when you are not by my side?

How many other shed tears are necessary

so that you forget your vanity and come back to our nest?

Poem 1

Leaves of sorrow on my way,

I stop and I say

to myself-where is the love?

Did it run away on the wings of a dove?


And if it ran, will it come back to me?

If it returns, I will embrace the sea,

the mountains, the sky, your voice.

Everything, less this overwhelming noise!


The noise of your absence and of your silence,

which stole my sleep and my joy.

If you return to me, I will shine again

and together we will shine even brighter.

Short presentation

My name is Simona, I am Romanian, I am 33 years old and I am excited about the poetry marathon. I wrote and published poetry before, so I have experience and I feel confident about this online competition.

My facebook ID is Simona Frosin

Feel free to add me if you like any of my poems or if you simply want to have one more friend:)

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