At my window


What do I see at my window?

I see birds playing and singing,

I see flowers trying not to wither,

I see you passing by every day.

And guess for whom do I look at

the window each and every day?


Seeking love


Where will I find my love?

In a museum or in a concert hall?

At the market or on a bus tour?

Why can’t I guess the right location

for our very first encounter?

Magic would make all much easier!






My life was black and white

until now; when will I have colour

in my life? Maybe my next love will

bring some colour into my grey life!




Mountains of lies and of garbage,

that’s all that I get from you.

Are you not willing to change anything?


Don’t shed crocodile tears because

I won’t receive you back.

You let go of my arms and now you

are on your own. Life sucks, right?


Nature, my friend


I love nature and she loves me back.

The wind caresses my hair, the waterfall

caresses my ears, clouds simply embrace me.


Butterflies spread their wings, bees do their work,

everything is fine when I plant flowers in my garden.

And I do this thinking of you my love!


Love me as I am pact


Love me for what I am,

Don’t try to change me much

and I’ll try not to change you much.


If you don’t respect this, we might

have couple problems and lose what we have.

I don’t want to lose you, but I also don’t want to

lose myself; is that clear? Will you respect our pact?





I invited you to my place

to drink a tea together.

I liked you and wanted to

be with you, but you told me

clearly that you came for tea only.


I was so disappointed that I swore to myself

that I’ll never again invite a man to tea!

It’s better to sip a coffee in town on a neutral

ground than to be offended in your own house!



Some glamour please!


Where are you? You ran away

and I lost you forever.

No sign from you, total silence.

What a pity! I really loved you.


But my pure love did not reach

your heart, did not reach your soul.

Is that because you are shallow?

Is that because I was stupid enough to love you?


I did not fall in love, I just fell.

I fell in depression because of you

but I promise that I’ll rise again!

You mocked me enough, I will

come back to life as Phoenix!

So guys, where are my diva glasses?



Mocking Jay


I am who I am and I

can’t feel or show fear.

It’s hard, but I must be

a model for the others.


They tried to destroy me,

but the hunger games never

defeated me. On the contrary,

I became much stronger!


The games are over now

and I can live my life, I can

focus on my love for my husband

and for my adorable children!

The games defined my character

and now I am free to love and to live!



A myth’s impact


Zeus himself came to earth

to conceive him with a mortal

and Hera hated her husband

for doing so, but the child was born

and he was named Hercules.


He had the power of gods,

but the heart of a man.

His labours are well-known

and nobody was braver.


I think that Venus also

offered him much beauty,

as in movies he is handsome,

not only strong and determined!

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