Last hour! :)

Fireworks reflect in the water’s mirror,

adding beauty and grace to the wedding.

People are enchanted and full of joy,

but also eager to dance the last waltz!

There’s something special about weddings!

Hour 23

Forest, fireflies, fairies-all start with letter f

and make us dream even in broad daylight!

What is so unique about nature?

How does she always manage to surprise?

Hour 22

How could I write something

opposed to a lullaby?

I can’t, that’s why I will leave

my worries to wake me up!

Hour 21

And now, back to office and skyscrapers!

I am back in business and back to concrete.

What more could I wish for? A little bit

of tranquility in order to keep my balance!

Hour 20

It’s late in the evening and I am walking

and my profound thoughts walk with me.

The countryside road is so peaceful now that

the gossiping neighbours invaded their homes.


The starry sky inspires me a great deal

and I have the impression that

he’s about to tell me a good story.

I open wide my arms, waiting for his bliss!

After that I’ll give him a good night kiss. ❤️

Hour 19

I can’t wait to feel the sand

under my tired, but reliable feet!

I want to play with the waves,

feel sun and water on my skin.


Seaside is so appealing, even more

than a famous mountain resort.

I like the idea of height, but I like

even more relaxing in warm water!

Hour 18

May it be light!


Light is so important-no matter if

it is natural or artificial. Why?

Because it allows us to see people, things

and even ourselves, as we are deep within.

Hour 17

Being alone on a bridge in the night

and in the cold-what can be worse?

Maybe only feeling that lonely and scared

when being in your cozy apartment!!!

Hour 16

Fruits on a plate,

flowers in a vase-

what a pleasant smell

to enjoy and remember!

Hour 15

It’s a terrible thing to be a yes-man,

but there are times when it’s better to say “yes”!

A guy I really liked asked me if I wanted him

to stay one day more in town for me.


And what did I answer? No, thinking of his job

and that we’ll have more time next time…

But there was no next time as he vanished!

Though, we could have been happy one day more…


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