Sweet Dreams (Poem #24)

Sweet Dreams

My sweet darling

I love you so

Sweet dreams

Hear my whispers fade

Feel my hand reach for yours

Sweet dreams

This time was fun

But it is time to go

Sweet dreams

Sleep is calling

My eyes are closing

It’s time for bed

Just one more kiss

Don’t forget to stop

and breathe

Sweet dreams

God, My God (Poem #23)


You do so much for me

You are all encompassing

Ever present

You don’t leave me

You never forsake me

My life is in Your hands


My life would be pointless without you

Your words is a lamp to my feet

And is a light to my feet

You guide me


You are more than I could ever ask for

You take care of me

You love me

You are my Father


My God

You are extravagant

It’s time (poem #22)

When you close your eyes

What do you see?

Do you picture your future

The dream house

The dream family

Do you picture a career

Your life

Your success

Now what does that look like?

It’s different for you

Everyone dreams different

So let me in

I don’t just want to know your dreams

But I want to know your fantasy

When you close your eye are you prepared?

Prepared to see you future

To see and plan and feel your desires

Things are going to happen

Get ready

Open your eyes

It’s time to dream

I Found You P2 (poem #21)

We have reached it

The stepping stone

Our future is all that awaits us

And our future is all that scares us

I know this is frightening

I am quivering just as you

Yet way deep down

When I look at you

I know our love is true

It scares me more

The thought of losing you

Then looking toward the future

Because life without you

At this point would be no life at all

I couldn’t stand to lose you

You’re my person

My best friend

The one my heart longs for

We sing together

In perfect harmony

The love that God has bestowed in us

I can’t believe this is happening

I am so beyond blessed

I finally found it

What I’ve been praying for

I finally found him

The one my soul sings for

I found you

And I won’t ever let you go

Under His Wings (Poem #20)



Two words that many people misunderstand

Yet because I know where my hope lies

And because I know where my faith lies

My life is good

I have faith that God will do as He says He will

He will fulfill His promises to me

When I am weak

He makes me strong

When I feel trapped

He wraps me in His arms

When I seek Him

He hides me in His secret place

I am safe hidden under His wings

He is my guardian angel

My protector

Lord spread your wings

And wrap me safe within them

It Has Always Been You (Poem #19)

This is crazy

How do I say this?

What should I do?

I feel like I’m going to explode

We aren’t your regular two

The two of us

In our own world

I am not sure how to say this?

I don’t know what to do?

I love what we have

I love that it is mine

I guess I’m just going to do it

I am falling

I have fallen

I am madly in love with you

I don’t know what happened before

But I love you

It has always been you

Distance (Poem #18)

I’m millions of miles away

I’m on my own adventure

I’m learning new things

Another language

Things about myself

I’m growing

And yet

At the start and finish

The beginning and end

Of every single day

I can’t help it

I become completely overtaken

My brain dysfunctional

My body immobile

My entire being inactive

I become completely on autopilot

My heart begins to slow down

My pulse almost untraceable

My eyes begin to fill

As if the dam was let open

What am I to do?

It’s as if

My whole life is finally falling into place

Yet my whole life

It means nothing without you

This distance drives me crazy

This distance makes me weak

I feel strong because I have you

yet this distance

I can’t handle this distance

You make me feel alive

You make my life worth living

I know I found my Boaz

My Romeo

My knight in shining armor

I know I found you

I found the one my heart beat matches

The one whose hand fits perfectly in mine

The one who is there in the darkest of times

I found the one my soul longs for

And it’s you

This distance makes us stronger

The distance can’t stay between

You are the one that was made for me

This distance has to leave

Secret Lover (Poem #17)


It’s all I feel with you

It’s like going to the beach

Listening to the waves crash

The wind blowing through the trees

How did I get here?

How did I deserve you?

What did I do to earn this?

What do I have to do to guarantee you staying?


You’re my secret lover

Things go wrong

It’s ok

I have peace

Someone does something against me

I forgive you

I have peace

When I am with you

Peace is there also

Yet peace is not only my secret lover

But she is yours as well

The Wind (Poem #16)

Ever so often

In the wisp of a moment

I hear a faint whisper

Ever so often

In the mystery of the day

I feel a soft touch

Ever so often

When life seems so down

I feel a sudden rush pull me

Ever so often

In the heat of a moment

I feel something push me

Every time I search

I look for what caused this

I seek an answer

I search for a visible explanation

But all I find

The only thing I see

Is nothing


what is happening

cannot be seen

it is invisible to the eye

yet experiential to the senses

It is the wind

It is unseen

But I can feel it

The wind gives me a rush

The wind pushes and pulls me

in and out of situations

It is the constant reminder

That even though you may not be able to see a person

They are always there in love and spirit

The wind

Shares its secret to me

The wind

Oh the scandal of the wind

Rain (Poem #15)

The thunder rolls

The lightning strikes

As the rain begins to pour

Rivers begin to flow down the streets

Flowers become covered with little crystals of rain drops

The clouds so dark and gloomy

Yet the sun still peeking through to say good morning

With the blink of an eye

The silver lining

The sun beginning to break the clouds open


no more engulfing the earth


beginning to break open the seal

The new day beginning

Hope that the day won’t end

The thunder speaking in the silence

The lightening showing the unseen

The rain expressing the intimacy

between me and the unknown

Rivers in the street of my passions beginning to move

It’s happening

I know why I love the rain

And everything that comes with it

I love the rain

Because it is a dance

It expresses how I feel

It is intimate and deep

It is complex yet simple

I will never fully understand it

But I love the rain

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