Poetry Marathon 22

My name is Sundar I am hoping to enter 12 poems. It would be lovely when the muse comes in abundance and the poems just flow spontaneously. This is every poet’s dream. Wishing the best of luck to all fellow poets.  Sundar

Poem No. 12 On my laptop crashing

On my laptop crashing!

A Sonnet

My pen and paper are more powerful
Than my computer – machines break
And give me grief
While pen and paper serve my needs!
I will keep a duplicate of all I create
No matter how long it takes!

Machines sabotage, take your life over
Don’t let them ever be your lord and master
Be innovative, be smart
Write with your pen it is an art
Stay forever hopeful
Enjoy each step of your journey
See where it takes you even faster!
As nothing crashes nothing breaks!!


Poem No. 11 The Yew Tree

The Yew Tree

Go and plant a tree
It is our wedding anniversary
I certainly will I said,
I went and bought a Golden Yew
It’s leaves for me
And berries for you!

The Yew is fifty years old
Is always covered in green and gold
It’s berries twinkle in the Sun
Much loved and admired by everyone!
A mistle thrush comes to the Yew Tree
And sings its song for you and me
Each evening so sweetly and so long
Renews our ties each year anew
For you and me and the golden Yew.

Poem No. 10 Buddha teaches

Buddha teaches.

Alll is impermanent
Your foolish attachments
Stand in the way of freedom
Why crave for material things
You can take nothing with you
They are hindrances

Instead rejoice in each
Moment of your day
Fill it with love and light
Each morning is a new beginning
Each night for restful dreams
Wake up each morning
With renewed joy in your heart.

Poem No. 9 A Love Poem

A Love Poem

My Love knows no ageing
It is forever bright and Young

My love is nurtured daily
With your tenderness and care

I kiss you and caress you and share
Lovingly my few remaining years

My Krishna, you are all that I hold dear
You are my heart and my soul

For eternity I would sing
And dance with you my forever 💕 love.


Poem No. 8. Nature Heals

Nature Heals

We do not know enough
About how nature heals
Trees protect our climate
Give us life and new cures
We are still ignorant of truths
Such as photo-synthesis
It shows us trees talking to trees
Warning them about disease
To stay healthy and safe.

When a tree is hit by lightening
It feels the trauma and it’s body
Shakes and shivers, feels the pain
Let us preserve trees, they are life
Let us nurture them and hold them
And hug them and respect them
They have much to give and teach us.

Poem No. 7 A Miracle Baby

A Miracle Baby

My grand daughter Laksha
Is a Miracle Baby
Her mother had a miscarriage
She was getting cleaned with a curatage
A wise nurse stepped forward
Tested her first and heard a faint
Heartbeat and shouted stop.
When she was born full term
I carried her home with pride..
She is beautiful and bright
Studying International Relations
At a famous university
Wants to go and work in Japan
When I look at her and think

Poem No. 6 The Bougainvillaea Tree

The Bougainvillaea Tree

My sister Usha has a Bougainvillaea tree
People come from far to see her Bougainvillaea  tree
It is the envy of her neighbours
Friends sing her praises and call her ‘Green fingers’
It is 50 years old fed and watered like her baby
She has written a book on its history and care
Grafted to three different plants it’s her
Pride and joy with a history kept in a photo album.

Even famous people visit her
The chief minister of her state
Amitabh Bacchan and his wife
She has photos and autographs
To add to her accolades
The Bougainvillaea has made her famous!
Me too as I am her sister!!!


Poem No. 5. A Qawwali Concert

A Qawwali Concert

Once I went to a Qawwali Concert
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his Gharana
Sang Sufi music
The singers and music became one
They rocked, they danced, they clapped
Nodded their heads in unison
As they repeated the same refrain again and again.
They were possessed and mesmerised
The music reached such dizzy heights
With drumming and clapping and the tabla drum
We all became one – singers and listeners
In unison – dancing and swaying in unison
I stood up and danced, an eternal dance
The music took my soul to directions
I did not know. No I, was left we were all one
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan opened doors
To a world when all were equal and all were one
It was many years ago but I often wish
And long to go and enter the Sufi dancing world!!


Gharana is a special set of music family who perform music together. *

Poem No. 4 Upon Death

Upon Death


On 24th December my father died.

We were expecting his death

But on the day he took his leave

He had his breakfast, and soup

for supper, went to the toilet by himself.

In the evening he was uncomfortable

The doctor came and wanted him

To be admitted to hospital

‘You can’t do that

He needs to stay with his family’

And he stayed.


My brother and I stayed by his side

And read the Bhagvad Geeta to him

Don’t know if he listened or understood

Early morning – he just stopped breathing

We waited for his breath to resume

But it never did – such is the nature of death.


My two children came to take Nana’s leave

My son brought him his ‘glows in the dark’ toy

Put it on his pillow and kissed him.

My daughter brought her Rag doll

Florence, and laid her tenderly on his side –

This is to keep him company as

He is going a long, long way away.


We kissed him one by one and

said our Goodbyes after all

Death is a part of life

It comes to us all.