Not At All (Hour 3)

Not At All
As Time wandered down the many paths available
There was/is/could be a sense of going no where
As it all red shifted about, flickering images of discrete packets of existence carved up an infinite amount of ways
Pausing and looking about is as foreign a perspective, as a single grain of sand held in the palm of a lonely child for comfort

Just (Hour 2)

Just throw me away
Discard with out a thought
Just extra stuff to have about the house
While I work on the washer
You throw away pieces of me
All I can say is Ok

Just How It Is. (Hour 1)

Just How It Is
Tad Kelson
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
You, me, us, them
And life
Existing as is all does
Pulling in how things ought to be
There are no reasons for any of this
Just how it is
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water