Just do it

The world mocks your effort all they want to see is your accomplishment
You’re a work in progress but nobody wants to hear; they all be like nothing to show for all the pains
Deep down it hurts but you know it’s for a short while and very soon d famzing will start but not everyone believes in themselves and end up loosing their intended goal and divert just to please others
The world is a jungle and everyone is competing to be the apex predator and the king unfortunately there will surely be preys that will be consumed because they’be lost their will to fight
Where is ur will? I ask thee, what makes you, you and differentiates you from the rest, where is your drive?
Oh ye! of little faith, doubting thomas, it’s time to prove to the world wrong and let them hear the roar of a king
Believe in the passion that brings out your vision don’t mind the tension you get about the mission
It’s just a passing phase and you will get through it.

The love birds

She called i answered.                                       I called she answered.                                    Told her how much she means to me make me the happiest man and be mine.                 She said she needed time, told her time waits for no man, she told me love is patient i agreed and after a year and the half i asked and she agreed.                                                    We became close understanding each other and knowing our weaknesses and how to fix it.                                                                            We loved each other for a long time until a day came and i let one knee down to ask the question of eternity and her reply was yes       Days later we made our vows till death do us part, had a beautiful honeymoon, gave birth to three lovely kids who were blessings to us.                                                                      We achieved a lot together and then we grew old and we were being taken care of in the best way possible by our lovely children.   And then the day came when it was time to meet our creator and holding ourselves as we kissed we both gave a sigh and our spirit departed our bodies to love each other for all eternity                                                            And our story was told by our children and generations upon generations heard of the stories and called it the love birds

The fire and brimstone heart

When men were at sleep the devil went and sowed destruction into men’s hearts.              These men had stared into the abyss for two long they had evil intent from the beginning and the evil one decided to bring their wish into fruition.                                                          While men are asleep other men would walk about naked with a calabash sowing evil or using a known person as sacrifice for wealth.                                                                   Our hearts are wicked filled with jealousy for our brothers because they have something we don’t and thereby losing patience we decide to soil our hands to give us something we can’t enjoy because it comes with a price.                                             We kill one another with our words that are like  double edged sword and we can’t retract the statement because the deed has already been done and the person’s confidence withered.                                          We are sadists, we derive joy only when we are at the peak of the mountain and nobody is competing that position with us or getting close to the peak.                                               We are egocentric and also power drunk, we become dictators forgetting how we rose and the people that helped us rise the only thing we care about is i, me, myself never we, they, them.                                          We have lost control and have become slaves to wealth what is the cure for this plague i ask ?                                                Why do men’s heart become inherently wicked after achieving a particular thing and holding on to it that they never want anybody to accomplish what they’ve because they’re afraid they’ll become superior to them.                                                  When we will understand that life isn’t about who achieved something first but it’s about we all becoming great and accomplishing what our purpose on earth is.                            We should all know that the wicked men do continue to live after them and their children end up reaping the evil they sowed.


Tick Tock

Tick tock says the clock as time waits for no man.                                                                      They advice to do our things early, when we are young and full of energy and vigour.        The road to success is narrow and extremely painful put the joy and pleasant surprises that come after will last a lifetime.  Hard work doesn’t kill, it only makes you stronger and you gain more experience as you do it yourself.                                                Some people are in need of motivators people who will tell them how to live their life and how they are to go about doing things.                                                                    But truth be told how many times will you breast fed go out of your comfort zone and work  hard to get what you truly desire            why must you be nonchalant??                        Where is the fire in your spirit the ones that motivated your ancestors to build a name for themselves, the one that made them toil hard and cast away any distraction that was bent on them not achieving their goal.            You must pave a way for yourself and your children because you’re enjoying the benefits and hard work of your fathers.        Life is like a relay race at every time somebody is with the baton running so the question is how much effort are you putting to set a great pace for the upcoming ones to beat.                                                                      Life is a competition but the difference is that everyone can be a winner you just have to be determined and choose what you want to be either a leader or a follower, the head or tail, a winner or loser it’s all up to you.

Listen to your environment

Things talk to us but we have gone deaf to listen to them speak

They tell us to be careful, the stone on the road tells us if you hit me you’ll be bruised and most likely fall

The puddle of water tells us your leg will get dirty and if you continue doing it, you can most likely get athlete foot

The naked connected wires on the floor tells us to be careful else we will be electrocuted

The blaring of horns tells us to be careful else we will be hit and we might die

When we see the pharmacy it tells us if you’re sick buy your drugs here lest you die

Even snacks talk to us, you’re hungry i am sweet eat me but first check the expiry date else it will lead to food poison

Even our data tells us to read more about an app and the restrictions and also about our privacy but no we don’t even bother

We have becoming deaf not listening or caring about our environment or what they say to us and when we fall into danger we start asking God why??

Let us all become sensitive to avert the impending dangers of this world that we caused


Oh the beauty of rainfall

As it drops down and bless our plants with the grace

And how it makes everywhere so cool that it’s now nicknamed a weather for two, for one can’t warm himself but two can

The temperature drops and everywhere’s cold you have to warm up yourself and if you’re without a partner then anything hot can serve as a substitute

You hear the thunder laughing seeing people running under the rain looking for shelter and the lightening clapping telling them to make haste

Oh what mischievous set of twins

But sometimes they weep when because of their little pranks a life is lost but as they all say it was a mistake

They didn’t know the rain would blur his vision making him to lose control and a tumbling is heard and next is fire the rain may be able to quench the fire but the deed is done

As they say no deed can be done to undo the done deed

She just wants to remove the burden of the stress and the heat we go through on a daily basis

She’s a queen but sometimes her power is just too overwhelming for herto bear

A great land

We all come united as one

We decided to build a great nation, a nation where peace and unity resides, a nation where there is hope for the younger generations

We toil hard, it’s painful but still we do not give up, we know it will soon be completed and nations will come to see who lives here and how they were able to make a country for themselves

They were tired of being called foreigners everywhere they went and they found a land that is not on the map and didn’t belong to anyone

Deep down they knew it wan an answer to their prayer God has decided to bless them with a home that they can call mine, that they can say they are citizens

They decided that their land would be called God’s land as he made it for them they are to worship him however they deem fit but no idol must be found in anyone’s tent lest the person be ostracised

In later years the beliefs changed and the freedom to choose your religion and worship and other God came and now the society is in a great turmoil because of sin

Now they kneel begging their ancestors to communicate with their fathers but their pleas has fallen on deaf ears because when the ancestors called to them and spoke to them they didn’t listen

Later out of pity they said change thy ways love thy neighbour as yourself obey God’s commandments and then come in soberness to ask for mercy





Some call it poetry, others a woke of art but you call it life, you don’t just see it as images or words you feel the presence like your heart is burning like you were created for this many a times i have been moved to question what poetry is??

But as i get older i feel the passion knowing that it’s not just a way of life, it’s who we are, how we relate, how we were born

I understand it brings more joy than pain

Poetry is life, it’s an embodiment of hope and we pray it continues to be so and we the poets shouldn’t lose focus of our goal and decide to speak lies just for some mint notes

The crimson lashes

I hear the voices of market people running

All shouting for help, as fire lashes down its anger on a store

They said it was a mistake, she weeps like never before and deep down i pity her

All her wares are on fire and she screams where do i start from

What has she done wrong, why has God decided to go against her?

She asks for Mercy and in a twinkle of an eye a man comes and tell her mama it’s okay i will get you something better

They say everything happen for a reason, in all things and that day marked the conversion of my faith

As she shouted if truly God is God and i served him well answer my cries and it was answered

An i a atheist was moved and deep down i had a sensation that God exist



You write from thy heart

It might be short and concise but deep down it’s still yours

You’ve listened to their poetry and without shaking or much ado

Still the poem belongs to me and i don’t run because of poems i try to understand people’s thought and make it conplete


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