Clearing windows. Open doors, existential rooms. View surprising, tantalizing. Unremembered dreams, endeavoring scenes. Moments recorded throughout time, different place, different lives. Expanded views from skyscraping angles, clouds that dangle. Breathtaking, painstaking, never faking, real. City living, dangerous beauty, feel. No regrets, dark nights, cold kisses. Hours fly by, drunken misses. Painstakingly pleasurable, unforgettable. Old files locked away for rainy days. What ifs, maybes, the ones that got away. Clearing windows, exhausting. Padlock, won’t cost me.


Rock of all ages,

King of all stages,

Awesome in power, in honor, in gauges.

Lion of Judah,

Prince of all Heaven,

Created all things in day 6, rested 7.

Born of a virgin,

savior and servant,

name above all names, salvation determines.

Steal Kill Destroy

Eyes were upon me,

skin crawling on me,


without protection he’ll harm me.

Taking advantage,

taken for granted,


another touch, I can’t stand it.

Innocence stolen,

no longer golden,


youth betrayed, dead and molded.






That smile I saw, seen gratified draw, drawn up to the sky, sky high, high dive. Dove from above, above external love, lovely to behold, beholden probably bold. Embolden probably gold. Golden yet untold. Untold silent smile. Smile seen from a mile.



Tried to go for broke,

but its true it’s not easy,

no less gave it my all,

even when it got cheesy,

most def do it again,

stirred my soul and my pen,

should of started with the Half-Marathon.

The End.


Awoken at 3.

Reflective pre-conversation.

Summoned by the King.

Obvious observation.

Chosen, appointed, anointed.

Spiritual interpretation.

Instructions today.

Meaningful connotation.

Obedient through discipline.

Universal education.

Deep sigh of relief.

Steps won’t need wishin’.

Unconditional God, Lord, King.

Another day another mission.



Morning dew. Fresh lawn mowing. Sunday’s best. Got to get going. Grinds awaiting. Coffee brewing. Hesitating. Still not moving. Stuck in bed. Where’s my head. Bathroom hailing. Detour instead.


Getting back what’s stolen can take


Stealing back what’s gotten can take


Backing time gets old if your time’s


Sticking back gets old when your time’s



Critical call, result of the fall.

Plead in a panic, mood turning manic.

Hyper extreme, surreal like a dream.

Confusion ensues, planning next moves.

No time to wait, pack, leaving at 8.

Traveling monkey, no sleep like a junkie.

South to Midwest, hole in my chest.

Rain, hail, snow, faster then slow.

22 hours, no sleeping no showers.

Honda’s a beast, nonstop from the east.

Arrived in the Chi, critical but alive.

Deep breath, calm, anything for my mom.


Spinning down in frailty

slowly spinning drain

or melting.

No time control

finger swirl

mind blown.

Gripping onto anything

quickly to the end

or fading.

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