My Joy- Hr.6

My kids are my joy
Tanya Raine the youngest at 3
A little spitfire, funny, and boy can she dance
Chans Ryan 21 on the autism spectrum
He has a unique perspective on the world around him, isn’t afraid to share his views, loves his mom
Aaron Alan Michael 24 mommas boy,
stubborn, observes and pays attention, funny, big heart like his momma, has his first child on the way
Cheyenne Lynn 26 a spitfire as well, funny, big heart, strong even though she doesnt think she is, made me a grandma first
Nathan Scott 28 mommas boy to this day, funny, big heart, having a hard time with life at the moment.
They are my joy now and forever

Untitled- Hr.5

The three looked dumbfounded
At the opened doors
Simultaneously running in
Unbeknownst to them
Simultaneously running out
This was the end
At the opened doors
The three looked dumbfounded

Untitled- Hr. 4

Jana-Alisha O’Dell

Lovely evening is upon me
Reds, blues, so many hues
Clouds rolling across the sky
Like waves of an ocean

Enjoying every color and hue
Forgetting the world is in chaos
How can I just stay in this moment
Freeze it and never leave

But no, the world keeps moving
And I along with it

Evening is upon me lovely
Reds, blues, too many hues
Rolling across the sky, the clouds
Waving to the ocean

Over You- Hr.3

I can’t explain what I felt
But it was real
You didn’t want to know
It was hard not letting it show

I cared right from the start
Things just seemed to keep us apart
I was so full of shame
Wishing you felt the same

Thoughts of you were never far
I never knew loneliness till you
And I didn’t know what to do
Saying goodbye was best for you

Pain- Hr. 2

I see you so full of pain and despair
The pain you’re feeling I seem to share

That’s probably hard to understand
But I’ve been there too
I can hear your silent cries
Because I’ve had the same pain I see in your eyes

I wish I could take all that pain
And make it easier for you to get through

Love is Blind- Hour 1

To you my love is blind
And yet I still try
I’m trying to find my way
But my heart is breaking

Why must you hide things
Honesty is a battle for you
I can never give up on you
Because of the fighter in me

My insides are tied up in knots
Along with our marriage
My pleas fall on deaf ears
But maybe someday you’ll see

Ode to The Poetry Marathon

Hr. 12 Prompt 21

Fours years ago I first became involved in this. Hadn’t written in years. You accepted me with open arms for the 24 in 24 hours. I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get started. How nice it was to be encouraged, accepted, and a part of something. I only made it to 21 but you made me feel great for accomplishing them
And you published me in the marathon book. Elated I was to say the least. This Poetry Marathon is the best. Dating, having a baby made me miss the next two marathons. 2020 hit with a pandemic and you still held it, I joined in again doing the 12 hour. It was a blast, I finished them all, what an amazing feeling. And yet again you published me, thank you thank you. You all are amazing poets and people
Thank you for yet again letting me join on this years marathon, I finished again
I am honored to be a marathoner beside the caring, encouraging people in this big group of poets. Ok I think I’m finished now, no wait, I absolutely love The Poetry Marathon.

Hour 11 Prompt 4, 2014

hear the piano playing in the distance
all around laughter fills the air
the ferns are dancing with the wind
as fireflies glow in the night sky like a lantern
it is clear nature is alive and well

Madame X


Hr. 10 Prompt 22, 2017

Picture Image: Madame Pierre Gautreau

John Singer Sargent 1884

she stands rigid

almost like a statue

balancing herself

steady and strong

while looking away

contradicting that strength

as if hiding

sheltering herself

Ball of Fur

Hr. 9 Prompt 11, 2015

little ball of fur
all cute and fluffy
runnin’ around chewing up everything
getting in the trash and toilet
what do people do with you
such a small creature making huge messes
howling all hours of the night
nobody can sleep with that racket
little ball of fur
all cute and fluffy

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