A Complete Bust

My lack of thoughts

Make this marathon

A complete bust.

Nothing seems to flow

The that I want it to.

I feel my poetry is forced

Next time, I will opt for the

Twelve hour marathon.

Fighting against sleep

And constant pain

Headaches come too often.

Still, I am going to try and

Complete this Poetry Marathon.


Monstrous, midevael plague, you’ve destroyed me with your

wickedness for years,

Even though you have choked me

with your venom filled claws,

My immunity towards you has grown.

You cannot hold me down

With your weight on my heart, for

I have the strength to expose

Your weaknesses,

Just as you have done mine.

Scandalous, malicious entity,

I have been made aware

Of your sickly presence,

Feeble, Unable, and Unaware

Your longing to destroy me

Has left you weak!

My passion for survival has

Beat you down.

Fool! Jester! Trickster of the heart!

No more can I laugh at your

Wicked, Wicked ways.


There in the fields, with her long

Black flowing hair

Resides the StarGazer

Twirling round and round.

She leaps with her long legs

She spins in spirals too

She smiles and laughs.

When the moon is full, she

Frolics like a young fawn

Enjoying its first spring dew.

Her laughter echoes through

The cool night and dances

From tree to tree

It can be heard through the

Rivers and valleys.

When the sun rises, StarGazer

Tucks herself into bed

She sleeps sound.

Dreams of love and her

Meadow full of luscious green

Grass play melodically through

Her peaceful slumber.

When night comes, she awakens

Her Stars call out her name,

“Oh StarGazer, come to us.”

Out she goes, spinning and twirling

Dancing merrily.

StarGazer has come home again.



The morning sun shines

Sky is golden with blue hues

Leaves dance in the wind

Summer days are always hot

Summer nights are for kissing


Heartless woman breaks

Falling through the thick gray fog

Lands on thorns and bleeds.

Reverse Fairy Tale

Once upon a time

Is a line I know so well

It began all the stories of

My optimistic youth

The story goes:

A young girl, an evil stepmother,

Two Wicked sisters too. A charming

Prince, a mystical kiss,

A wish, some magic

And a fairy godmother

Makes it all possible.

Then, they lived happily ever after

Once the prince kisses the girl

that fell into deep slumber

or fit into the glass slipper.

Do boys have those stories too?

A boy and wicked stepfather,

Wicked brothers too. A beautiful

Princess, an icky kiss,

A wish, some magic,

And a fairy godfather.

Does he want to go to the ball?

Does he eat the poisoned apple too?

Will he wear glass shoes?

Does the princess rescue him from

A fire breathing dragon?

Do they live happily ever after too?

Castle By the Sea

I once dreamt of a castle by the sea

Inhabited by an evil queen.

She locked me up in the tower

where I used to dream of

My knight in shining armor,

Coming to rescue me.

For hours I would peer out of the

Tiny window and let out a sigh

For never did my knight in

Shining armor come to my side.

The evil queen, laughed and

Shouted out a curse,

“Never will you find true love

Never will he appear. You’ll forever

Be lonely and forced to disappear.”

Looking down from the tower, I

Saw a man appear

On a black steed he rode

His head held high

I called down to him,

“Kind sir, Please help me.”

Only he kept riding.

“Sir!” Shouted I once more,

But still he kept going.

I let out a cry, my tears fell

To the ground.

He could not hear my sound.

The evil queen, she began to laugh

At my misfortunes.

“You see my dear,” She called to me

“He cannot hear you, for you are invisible.”

Away she went, her cackle echoed through

My tower. I shan’t cry, I can’t give her power.

Days went by, the snow fell

Ice covered the bars on my tower window.

Silence echoed through my mind.

I heard the hooves of many a steed

Come running towards the castle by the sea.

I cried! I yelled! I shouted! Yet still, no one

Heard me.

My head I hung low, my sobs were all that

I could hear.

The evil queen, once again came to me

And laughed at my pitiful self.

“Once again, you fool,” She bellowed

“No one can hear your cries.” She

Flicked her hair and walked down the

Winding stair, once again her cackle


Alone in my tower I sat on my bed,

Feelings of dread, I longed to be dead.

What good is it to never be heard?

What good can come of never being seen?

Alone I will sit, in my tiny tower

In the castle by the sea

Inhabited by the Evil Queen.




New buds bloom into fragrant flowers

Green grass, luscious lavender


Birds cheerfully chirping in their nests

Butterflies flutter

to and fro.

Ducklings discovering the pond’s

Cool water

Bees buzzing busily from

Flower to flower.

Spring, where life begins.


rain falls on water

running brook over the rocks

plink, can water drown?

Thoughts On Love

I tried to love another

But my love failed

You made me cry

And I

Pushed you away.

Love is the emotion

That I hate to feel most

Of all.

Alone, nestled in my

Thoughts is where I’d

Rather be, not

With another that

Can see the softer side of me.

Love makes me cry, which

I cannot do.

Love makes a fool of me,

One I wish to hide.

Love makes me feel hurt

When I should feel happy inside.

I have to share my thoughts

And my dreams,

Set them aside to please

You, that’s something I

Cannot do

I’d rather be on my own

Than to love another.

Too many of my vulnerabilities exposed

You can see my weaknesses

Always used as weapons to hurt


Why bother with exposing myself

To another?

To watch me cry, to know

What causes me emotional


Lie to me, it never fails

My heart is a magnet to


Push my button to set me off,

It never fails, I would rather

Be on my own than

hurt again.

I am not innocent

In all of this, for it

Was I that gave you

That power over me.

I’d rather be alone

Than relinquish myself to