Airplane Food (10AM)

A lot can be said about this.

It’s something we all dread.

From the cardboard sandwiches aboard

To the dry pasta threads.

Or maybe it was a muffin.

Some cookies? Some nuts?

They were all kind of stale, right?

Bleh. Ew. Yuck.

But this time, I avoided that fate.

I did not succumb.

I brought my own snacks,

And there are no meals to be had


Anxiety (9AM)

The take-off is the scariest.

Are you sure we’re cleared to go?

We were having engine problems

Before we entered the unknown.

This little plane is rickety.

We’re bumbling through the sky.

They say that’s the turbulence.

I’m afraid that it’s a lie.

My stomach drops as we descend.

I take no comfort in the signs.

I dare not look back out the window.

My eyes are locked upon the time.

Salutations and Greetings!

Hello! I’m Serena and I’m doing a 1/2 marathon. I’ll be on a plane/going through customs/traversing the globe for the duration of the time, so I ask that you please excuse me for late entries. I will do my absolute best to post at the right times when possible. I’m fairly new to poetry, but reading has always had it’s place in my heart and soul. I always thought that I would write long, complicated books (akin to the ones I absolutely love to read) but as it turns out, poetry was calling me. Thank you all, and I wish everyone the best of luck!