2- Nights to Recall

This night, as the air is dark

The house sits still and I go back

I’m back on the street with you

Tears are soaking my face

You pull me in for one last kiss

And you leave.


That night, as I was alone

The house seemed to crush me, no breath

I cried you a river

Ate chocolate ice cream alone

It hits me like a wall that you’re gone

This is it.


All those nights, as I tossed and turned

The house cold and hallow, my heart pained

I wanted o forget you, yet, hold you

Everyday a struggle to keep busy

To be happy and live without you

I just can’t.


This night, as the air is dark

The house sits still and you wake me

I’m in the bed, next to you

Your heavy breath familiar and safe

I rest my head on your chest

You are mine.

1- Forgetful

Running passed my house

Racing down the street

Forgot to tie my shoe lace

I trip over my own feet


It’s a lovely Friday night

So much of the town to see

Forgot my wallet at home

My friend had to pay for me


New ideas blooming

I have lots to share and say

Forgot how to speak, mind is blank

The stage took my voice away


A little something about me

My name is Zara, I’m 19 years old and I have a love for poetry. I am participating for the first time in the half marathon. I am not published nor would I say I have any professional experience but I have been writing since I can remember. I find writing and poetry to be an easy and powerful outlet for me to express my thoughts, feelings and personality. I’m excited for this opportunity to grow and learn and challenge myself!