A Four Letter Word I Still Do Not Understand

Fall in love with me,
Close your eyes and let my voice guide you.
Let me show you just how blind love can be,
Become my favorite 3 AM poem,
The one I can never finish because perfection is not rushed,
And because I can never stop writing about you.

I loved you, but I never had the courage to tell you.
There was always a feeling that you would outgrow me,
As you moved on without me,
I realized no matter how much I tried to hold on,
You let go and put the idea of us away,
Somewhere between the 4-hour calls and the 4 years of silence.

I often create an entire universe that revolves off you and me,
But in this parallel universe I lose.
It turns out no matter where we are wrong seems to be the right word for us,
So as you lock away the feelings you have for me,
And I set mine free,
I finally have the courage to close a chapter of my life,
A chapter that has been opened for way too long,
And a chapter you wrote off way too early.

I guess it is true,
If you love something, let it go.
If it is truly meant for you it will return.
I let you go when all I wanted to do was hold on for dear life,
But I was always the one who came back,
Maybe because I loved you too much,
To see anyone else as right for me

One thought on “A Four Letter Word I Still Do Not Understand

  1. I really enjoyed this poem. Though it ends in a more melancholy way it was a good read. I also loved the line “become my favorite 3AM poem” and how it worked so perfectly with the next two lines.

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