Adventure Time

Through the soft wind
She rode her bike
With the speed of light
Or what she would like to think
Sparkling eyes tell of hopeful thoughts
Maybe, maybe today she can finally find it
Reaching her destination
She alights the vehicle gracefully
Or what she would like to think
And with staggering feet
With extra hopping here and there
She reached where she wanted to be
Barging into the library she went to
A particular spot hidden behind contemporary
Searching for one particular prize
She almost squealed when she found it
There, she thought, now I have it
Gazing lovingly at The Tale Of Genji.

One thought on “Adventure Time

  1. This one brought back memories. First, memory of my own searches for adventure — in bookstores as well as libraries. And then, The Tale of Genji! I remember the first time I read it some years ago. Now you make me want to look for my book again and re-read it. It was, indeed, an adventure.

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