Hour 13: Gift of Misfortune

(Based on hour 13 text prompt)

Misfortune falls unexpectedly
You are just there
Going about your life
When suddenly
The world turns upside down

You question –
Why me
What did I ever do
Wasn’t I good enough
A human just striving to survive?

You look on as time passes
As friends leave you behind
As everyone questions
What’s wrong with you
As everything falls apart

You try and pick up
The broken pieces
Try and recreate
The complete picture
But some pieces are lost forever

Crying and despair
Scorn and loneliness
The feeling of drowning
While people stand and watch
Scoffing– how come you can’t swim?

And then, in the deepest despair
Through the depths of ice water
That suffocates you
Reaches out a hand
Do I finally have a friend?

Someone who cares and understands
Teaches you how to swim
Accepts you for all your mess
They don’t care if you don’t put up a front
Just for the sake of it

They know and they are here
And if one thing you gained
Going through all the trauma, guilt and despair
Is a friend who will stand by your side
Even in the face of misfortune.

People like people who are positive
Fun to be around, complete human
You and your demons and your broken pieces
Still have a place to go, to call home
A person that misfortune gifted you.

3 thoughts on “Hour 13: Gift of Misfortune

  1. Reading the vivid, hard parts of living was made easier with the predictability of five line stanzas. Learning to swim is such a terrorizing experience for some of us. I love your happy ending.

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