The New Order of Things

Most were not ready, in the fall of 2016,

when suddenly all the rules were changed.

Before that, we assumed, reasonably, that

men would continue to walk upright, and

not grab women just because they felt an urge.

We thought the time had passed that white people,

even in uniform, could just haul off and hurt or kill

a person of color.  That is no kind of valor.

Didn’t we fight for a civil society, for civil rights?

We might start dropping nuclear bombs again

if we haven’t learned anything from the Nazi fight.

In case it needs to be said: the rules of a civilization

depend on civilized behavior, not mob mentality

or military might. Get it right, Mr. President. You won

by hook or crook. Now give our country back. Act

like a statesman, not a moronic country hack.

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