On the Black Hill (Hour 23)

On the black hill where the prarie grasses 
and small trees converge into one impenetrable shadow, 
from which all that is of the earth unfolds forth, 

down through the valleys and secret hollows, 
that breathing titan of darkness, 
whose outline is just barely seen 

formed against the fallen sky, 
where purple teeth shine out 
from the deep caverns above.

There, upon this midnight place of stilled dreaming, 
where starlight's radiance imprisons my slipping retreat, 
that waning fire of my paternal seat.

The majestic virility of universalkingdoms
held breathless against the timeless sea
She sleeps in an aging dawn of becoming. 

Outlasting the swift brightness of Jupiters might.
In his most silent chamber, 
in the most private corridor of his mind, 

he feels the foundation weaken, 
the breaker wall fallen cold, crumbling.
As she swells, expands, engulfs the mountain 

no longer proud. 
helpless to a deeper cycle 
buried in the rising waves.

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