Siphonophore Apolemia Prompt (Hour 19)

Just one place, one tiny life in the stream of a moving world.
A single voice, fallen into hundreds of chattering echoes,
Each sound continuing beyond the residual silence.
Lifetimes create wake, love moves through human relations like
A rogue wave way out at sea comes rolling towards the shore.
Each droplet of water a moving part,
Each memory a wave in the ocean,
Each heart a body of water held still as glass or violently storming.

The finest details are complex machines
Designed to carry their significance
Follow their crease, hold their note
Until the body can move as one.

One thought on “Siphonophore Apolemia Prompt (Hour 19)

  1. I found this poem deeply moving but I feel hazy on why — I think it’s because it puts me in my feelings & evokes the feeling of the ocean. I especially love this line — “A single voice, fallen into hundreds of chattering echoes”.

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