The Gods of love decided upon a blend

Its pleasures were never to end

So they brought together some cocoa

And poured on the magic flow

Its texture was that of sugar and diamonds

And all shades of espresso sent in their funds

Some browns and blacks would mate

And I would brew it at nights late

Ah! The aroma, how to explain?

The blessed earth in a deluge of rain

A dark, mystical, invigorating fragrance

A little unruly and rustic

Diligently mystic

And the taste of a warm, passionate affair

To say just bittersweet is hardly fair

For it is a fountain hot and bursting

The flavor in your mouth, slowly rusting

Each drop compassionately burning

Savor it; it is discovery and learning

With a good book, a tale or two

By the window, your drink and you

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