There’s a valley called Freedom, far away

Hardly loyal to the name, to this day

From the glorious peaks of the mountains

And the bubbling music of the fountains

Its people were slave to freedom

And engulfed in slavery’s boredom

The river, always so revolting in its ways

Suggested to the wind and its sways

They conspired against the bounds invisible

Bring them to light, make them visible

An earthbound, god-fearing

Gave birth to a girl daring

The grasslands and forever running fields

Cherished in her words and dreams

The sky smiled at her desire to fly

Her boldness to utter ‘why’

But Lord! Did it scare her mother!

And apprehended her brother

For it was dangerously dangerous

And the threats were numerous

It scared the people, it terrorized them

How she questioned; that freedom’s gem

How she dared inquire onto the origins of their chains

How could they recall all nature’s claims?

They were angered at the bounds

But fools! Turned the lesson around

Hunted freedom when their shackles did not break

Poured out her blood, dipped in their stake

The trees, tall and proud, bowed down shamefully

The birds chirped such melancholy

Malice and misery devoured freedom

And the people congratulated themselves on regaining boredom

But no, the shimmering river and the wind were no fools

They knew their young love had broken some rules ‘

For the seeds were sown for freedom to claim

And Freedom was then never the same

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