The Woman

Barbaric, wildling animal,

Grunt and huff, rut through the dirt

And sweat under the hot sun.


The woman, majestic beast, native all over the world.


Sometimes bares remarkable resemblance to the species homo sapien,

But of course, this is simple mimicry, much like the parrot.


The woman will sometimes shake her fist or raise her voice.

Pay no attention. It is not actual anger.


The woman may cry, for long hours. She may weep for days.

Do not heed. This is not true suffering.


These are mechanical biological reactions to changes in hormones,

Automatic responses to her reproductive system that happen every month.

Ignore it. It will go away.


Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of humanizing her.

Her feeling are not real.

One thought on “The Woman

  1. Wow! This made me wince and gasp different times. Barbaric, majestic, mechanical: these struck me the first time I read because of the ways we’ve been observed (angry women), idealized (doing no wrong as angels), or overworked (expected to do, do, do). The gasps came because of the way we ourselves often cast each other.

    The mimicry like a parrot brought a fresh perspective to the old idea of the Magpies. Also, the words about crying and weeping were quite poignant because of the reality within them.

    “Don’t make the mistake of humanizing her.” Powerful.

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