2023: Hour 19: Missing you

Look on your phone and find the 10th non selfie picture and use that as your prompt. (My picture was taken after dark of my black cat curled up on my husband’s side of the bed while he was out of town.)

He sounded surface-calm on the phone as he walked down the stairs,
but something in his voice said, “All is not well.”
And as he continued to speak with his father
in that deceptively placid tone, he started
shoving random articles of clothing into a
small travel bag.

That unplanned trip stretched from a couple of days
into a couple of weeks and wrapped around
a bevy of unexpected and largely unwelcome
plot twists, the majority of them
medical in nature.

Late one night, preparing for sleep,
I sent him a message, as I was
wont to do. But this one
spurred a response.
“The cat has stolen your spot
on the bed,” I playfully captioned
a photo of our Ninja Kitty.
“Tell her it’s mine,”
he replied.

One thought on “2023: Hour 19: Missing you

  1. Love this almost ‘prose poem’ and this line: ‘He sounded surface-calm on the phone ‘ – I hope his health issues are all resolved but I also appreciate how the poem started with the mystery and the plot twists and him being away but ended with the assurance, he will be back…

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