Dear Future Self (2017)

Dear Future Self,

How are we doing?
Have we accomplished great things?
Did we reach our dreams?
Did we graduate from the University?
Did we actually go for that double major?
Have we visited Rome?
Have we climbed the steps of Notre Dame?
Did we see the mountains of China?
Did we see the cherry blossoms of Japan?
Are we still friends with Kayla?
Is our family finally getting along?
Are we married now
with a husband and child?
Did we ever publish
that novel we were writing?

So many more questions running through my mind,
but right now I have something to say.
I hope we are happy.
I hope we still love superheroes and anime
and that we are still going to Comic Cons.
I hope we haven’t lost our love of imagination.
I hope we still love working with children and young people.
I hope we still love having fun now and then.
I hope we still go to movies at the drive-in
and go on long drives just because we can.
I hope we still think of epic fanfiction stories.
I hope we are still writing.
I hope we are still smiling each day
or at least as often as we can.
I hope we know that we are loved.

Dear Future Self,
Please know that I am still rooting for us.
I still have hope for us.
I still believe in us.

Until the day our paths finally meet,

Your Past Self

One thought on “Dear Future Self (2017)

  1. Absolutely loved it! This is something I would have written. I love how you’ve talked about little things and big dreams as well. And also how you ended it. A heartfelt piece of work. 🙂

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