Hour 20 – Beginners Book of Poetry Prompts – Chapter One

Hour Twenty – Write a poem using any one of the following titles:

The Watchtower, Second Breakfast, Books for Beginners, The Woman with the Top Hat, Echo Husband


 Beginners Book of Poetry Prompts – Chapter One


  • Get yourself a nice hot drink. (Tea works best for me but wine is fine).
  • Head to the shelf where you keep old photo albums.
  • It’s okay to get distracted by the last piece of cake enroute.
  • Place said cake by the tea, by the chair. You will return.
  • Ignore the dust on the albums, pick the one at the bottom of the pile.
  • Now you can clean it with your sleeve.
  • Do not open. Yet.
  • Return to chair, cake, tea (or coffee/beer/wine).
  • Look at album on your knee for three minutes.
  • Do not open. Yet.
  • Remember albums, print shops, films, cartridges.
  • Do not open. Yet.
  • Remember fathers writing dates and captions on black paper with white ink.
  • Wipe errant tear (optional).
  • Have a bite of cake, a sip of drink.
  • Exhale. Sigh with comfort.
  • Now open album.
  • Rewind fifty years.
  • Much later. Write verse.


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