Prompt Sixteen – Come, visit me please

Prompt Sixteen – Text Prompt

Write a poem that is pretending to be something else, a set of instructions, a recipe, a letter, a news report, etc.


Come, visit me please


Dear Dad,

Hope you’re well, but you know,

I have a bone to pick with you, old man

been cross with you for a while.

It’s not enough to sit in a photo frame

smiling your gentle beatific smile.

What’s the use of being my muse

and sending lightbulbs from afar?

Why can’t you visit, pop in some time,

my heartmind door is always ajar.

Almost three years, since you marched away,

can’t you please turn around, and see?

I’m doing so fine with this life of mine

wont you please, please just visit me?

She did the decent thing, you know,

and came to me one night.

Magnificent Ma, in her old housecoat,

just to say she’s doing all right.

I need to know that you’re ok too

even as you’ve gone and crossed the line.

I need to share this cake with you

today, as you turn eighty-nine.

Odd how you’ve managed to stay away,

you and me, we were such a team.

It’s okay you know; I have let you go,

but visit me please,

visit me tonight as I dream.

(Love, from your firstborn)

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