Prompt 18: The Beginning

“You egotistical bastard, this ain’t about you.”

“Of course it’s not, it’s always about you. You selfish bitch.”

Two daughters, stood off to the side


Hiding in the darkness

Listening to their parents fight once again

“Wanna play a game?” The first twin asked who was dressed in white.

The second twin dressed in black turned and smiled, “What’s the stakes?”

The first twin smiled, with a grin on her face, “Everything.”


“It’s your fault!” Screamed the twin in white.

“No it’s your fault!!” The twin in black yelled back.


The yelling and screaming from both sides of the room

Caused a shake and energies to go


“Shit, Now look at what you’ve done. Eve come on.” Screamed Father God.

Eve smiled at her sister and gave her hug, “I’ll see you soon.”

Then disappeared with her father.

“Lilith, Come dear,” Mama Universe called out.

Lilith turned towards her mother. “Yes Mom.”

Then they too disappeared

Leaving a quake from their shake.

As their auras travelled to a place.

Of Blue, brown, green, and white.

An atmosphere they could enter.

Without a fight.

With no opposition.

Then Father God and Eve appeared again

“It worked.” Father God said

“Can we play again?”

Father God looked at his daughter.

“Of course you can. I’ll even give you someone to play with.”

Eve smiled as she watched her father release his sperm.

Then sent it down below to earth

“Go,” He said. “Find him.”


“Will I be alone,” Lilith asked

Getting used to her new home.

Mama Universe shook her head as she looked up to the sky.

Knowing everything will be alright

Inhaling with a deep breath before blowing out one of her eggs

To intersect with the sperm above.

“Right on time,” she whispered in the sky.

“Go on Lilith, what you seek is hidden and right before your eyes.”

Lilith smiled before rushing off.


Making sure she was gone.

And no one was in sight.

Mama Universe lifted off.

Up into the great heights.

Where Father God waited.

In their bed.

Planets off.

Sun shining.

“Ready to go again?”

Mama Universe smiled.

As her starry hills and mounds twinkled bright.

“You know it,

Let’s drop some meteorites this time”

Then jumped into the bed.

Pulling the clouds up over them.

Hidden yet could be seen with flashes.

And heard through the rumbles.

Of their love making and fucking.


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved











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