Hour 7 Prompt – Unthinking

A day when you relax,
You just sit next to a window,
And maybe chase a passing cloud,

You don’t think about the next hour,

Or an hour that just passed.

You hold a good book,

Read page after page for hours,
Live a character of your choice,
Sip by sip conquer your sleep,
And feel the warmth of your arms.

You cherish the peace that surrounds,

Ecstasy of doing nothing in a day,
Just being in your own skin,
And just unthinking and thinking,
Thinking about doing nothing!

One thought on “Hour 7 Prompt – Unthinking

  1. Your poetry is so…beautiful. It’s straight to the point, yet poignant and says profound things in just a few words..

    It’s not overwhelming, it’s very calming as well! This one is one of my favorites ^_^

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