At World’s Ending

When the world comes crashing down

You know where I’ll be,

We’ll have Irish scones

And wash it down with some tea.

How would you like your scones, my love-

Jam? Clotted cream?

I hope the tea isn’t too hot, my love

I hope it isn’t too sweet.

We’ll have a lovely chat for old times sake

Like Ol’ friends that we’d been,

As if time didn’t wear our spirits out,

As if we’d never parted ways.

Let the world go to hell, my love,

And burn in hellfire

We’ll exchange sugar-coated pleasantries

In my secret garden outside.

We’ll talk about the weather, my love

We’ll talk about life.




4 thoughts on “At World’s Ending

  1. This is such a matter of fact poem. Having tea on the last day of the world! With scones and clotted cream! How absolutely perfect. Be sure to invite me. This gives a peek into the world these two shared so many years ago and now they are back together. So warm. What a way to go.

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