Tax Day

Tax Day


once a year

their taxes are due


they come to me

receipts all askew


forms galore

they’re not sure


can I claim this

how about that


no sir, you cannot claim

your cat


aren’t’ my crumb crunchers

worth a bit more


please, help me tax lady

I’m paycheck poor

the path

the path


the path

she ponders

glimmering before her


she must step through the shadows

of doubt

clutching her fear


glimpsing, on what

could be

words on poetry


Hope ~ an Acrostic 

Hope ~ an Acrostic 


what a lovely 

four letter word


Heavenly sounding

Oaths, from above

Prayers, going up

Extracurricular activity

“Spacey Stanzas”

“Spacey Stanzas”


I’m not of this place

I haul from different times

shifting, dimensional space

where we all use rhymes

in a word race


In a world 

all our own

we poets of the night

sharing stories, secrets

community through verse


That’s Amore ~ Dean Martin Devotional

That’s Amore ~ a Dean Martin Devotional


the song~ plays in my head

when my marathon mother

prompted pizza pie


a big ol’ slice

right in the eye

cheesy, right?


I think of her

grateful for her light


Me, her selenophile

sat and sang with her tonight


now longing, to rest

my word weary head

Night of Ninettes

Night of Ninettes



these words

pages filled

in her journal

another night, up

engrossed in words

forming still

three more



Night of Ninettes II



once many


tending time, we

Poets of the night

as we write






I count my days ~

free from one

of lifes

worst addictions


documenting each day lived

through pictures and words



I will always 

be an addict


I just choose

other outlets


I count my steps

as my consistency

reminds me of how far

I’ve come


I count my words

prompting, planting

propagating, and perpetuating

making them multiply


Tall Tales

“Tall Tales”


burning light

from crystal skulls


the Poetess, picks up

her quill


words, trickle

from muses


cards chosen

through messages


clarities revealed

compliments given


her eyes well


talent they claim

beautifully interesting

Don’t You Know Me

“Don’t You Know Me”


what will  remembered

of me


will there be moments

where my spirit 

will be called


a generation, maybe two



the rest is ancestry


our souls, when they return

will they still choose

to know me


my words, will they

live for eternity?


Kaleidoscope of Feelings

Kaleidoscope of Feelings


My mood



new edges

shapes and colors

suddenly appear


twist me ~ again


patterns fill up

more space


wind me ~ up some more

are you willing

to explore


a full gyration

pieces fall back

into place

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