Final Gift

The gift of


In this, poetic


With no impunity

Just courage and empathy


My beautiful tribe

My fellow scribes


Raise your pens

(Or your fingers)

And be grateful

We’re done!



Imaginary Lover

Imaginary lovers
Never turn you down

my private pleasure
Midnight fantasy

my Wildest dreams

Imaginary lover

Imaginary lovers, oh yeah

ordinary lovers
lose their thrill

Imagination’s unreal

Imaginary lover,
imaginary lover

mine anytime

satisfaction guaranteed

Imaginary lover,
imaginary lover

mine all the time

imaginary lover
You’re mine


*lyrical blackout poem

“Imaginary Lover” by Atlanta Rythm

Majestic Caves

In a land far away,

Dreamlike fantasies play

Looking out of, the

majestic castle cave

Mountainous waters,

Flow, rushing over

Creating mystic sounds

As the light breaks

Her hallowed ground

Inside nestled stone,  lies cold




Longing for Comfort

For the comfort, of resting in my bed

For the pleasure, of another encounter with thee

For the peace, of another dawn

For the grace, of the line drawn

hard in the sand

For the joy, of  music’s steady beat

For the understanding, of truths left untold

and for the mystery they still hold



Trimmed and Burning

Keep your lamps

trimmed And burning

The end of night is near


Only four more poems,

Music to our ears

Children don’t get weary


Keep your lamps trimmed

and burning

Echoing in my ear


Poetess with pen in hand

Draws near

Children don’t get weary

The finish line we’ll clear



Love’s Funeral

I’m done.

Done with you.


You came for truth

I came for you


Too much time

Out loud

On my knees


You’ve crossed the line

A sign

On my knees


Life goes on


After years

Against the machine

Coming over

Killing everything


Your eyes looked

And don’t feel


Life goes on


**Lyrical Blackout Poem ~ “Our Love’s Funeral” by Raccoon Raccoon

Summer Solstice

Oh, Summer Solstice

longest day of the year

We’ll enjoy more sunshine

Let’s go out and play

Frolicking with Fae


Creative fires burning

Celebrate the harvest coming

As forbidden fruits, keep growing


Elder knowledge, flowing

Mother Earths heartbeat

Audibly humming


Tech Passing

I remember the last 8 track player, in my dad’s automobile

I listened to B sides of my 45s
Stinging like bee~ Muhammad Ali

I twirled my fingers through
Tightly twisted spirals
Still attached to walls.

For hours on end.

I called the operator, to get the time correct

Or to call collect.

I have paid a quarter, where superman once changed.

Nowhere to be found today.

That’s tech~
passing by

Slippery Stanza Slope

Here I am
In the middle of the night

Pushing myself
Trying to get my words
Perfectly right

Seeking more of my own
More, than ever before
Faith, in my own poetic finesse

Carries me forward
To the finish line
Down the slippery slope
Of these, sleep deprived
Words of mine

No Fly Zone

Why take an airplane

I would rather take the train

Or drive in my car


I would rather fly off

the rails, then free fall from

High up in the sky

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