This is where I come
to feel normal.

I stand here accusingly looking
at angels in the back of a cave.
I’m just a normal girl,
wish I was just
a bit more feminine.

I kick at creeping shadows
casting spells over the angels.
Screaming in my head
and watch the echoes
take roller-coaster rides
on the empty spaces that
bounce off the inner walls
that is my empty soul.

I need something for protection,
I’m sinking into the solid ground
and don’t know how to swim away.
There are no waves to make me drown
Please, please, let the rain come down!
Falling into this dry sea…
No, no emotions to wash away with me!
I am drowning on dry ground!

100 Angels grab my hart
as I wage wars on myself.
I’d cut them loose,
but then I’m left to wipe
the blood from their eyes,
begging them not to bother
with things that won’t
give in to change.

I say bye after a while
and hope to draw at least one smile.
I leave the angels there in that cave
and run so fast, so far away,
I hope to never cross their minds again.
Although I want to make them
feel how much it hurts to miss me.

I’ve got to …
Hang up the phone…
Close the website…
Ignore the e-mail…

this is where I come
to feel normal.

A bit about me.

At least when my ADD
collides with my OCD
Things are chaotically
happening orderly.

I can sing a song of six-pence,
but not one of five,
uneven numbers,
sting in my head like angry bees
from a sticky hive.

I can also sing really fast,
marching to the drums,
Oooh squirrel!
What, how, when – FOCUS!
Hopefully I’ll stay, hold your thumbs!

Now you know a little about yours truly,
I don’t suffer ADD or OCD,
I think these things
are suffering

At least when my ADD
collides with my OCD
Things are chaotically
happening orderly.

Mom vs Monster

“Mom” she said, “please check for the monster under my bed.”

“Sure” came my reply, “should I tell it you say hi?”

“Mom” she said, “I am afraid of it, so much, it is inside my head.”

“Fine” came my reply, “then you should tell it why.”

“Mom” she said, “it wants to kill me in my sleep.”

“Sucker” came my reply, “he is not a very wise guy.”

“Mom” she said, “what do you leave unsaid?”

“Love” came my reply, “the monster under your bed says goodbye.”

“Mom” she said, “did you scare it or is it dead?”

“Neither” came my reply, “it saw the warning in my eye.”

“Mom” she said, “are you scarier than the monster instead?”

I did not answer her, I gave no reply – on my lips was a grin, ever so sly.


Willows weeping waterfalls,
When watchful wraiths wager wishes,
Where webs weave worthiness,
While wildlings whisper wickedly.

Wrongful wishes wash within,
Witches wielding wildfires,
Warrior’s wits withstand wisely,
Winning with wet woodcuts.

Willows wilts, weeping waterfalls,
Wicked witches whine, warring warriors win,
Watch with wisdom,
Wagering wraiths whimper.

-Note: This was a challenge by my daughter, now read it out loud.

Not a Lullaby

Now I lay me down to sleep,
Up the stairs the Devil creep,
Presenting to me a nightmare,
Scaring me with an evil grin and evil glare.

This is not a lullaby,
Staring at me with one bloodshot eye,
His mouth an empty dark abyss
I’m not afraid of this…
I… am not afraid of this.

I will wake before I die,
Shake from my mind a rainbow sky,
Light and love in my soul I keep,
When I lay myself down to sleep.

Hush little Devil, don’t you cry,
This is your nightmare, not a lullaby,
Shame on you for disturbing bliss,
You are so afraid of this…
You… are so afraid of this.

Hi-Adri Sinclair

Hello there fellow poets! I am Adri Sinclair, doing a full marathon.
I have never done anything like this, but I think it will be a great experience and challenge.
I am not natively English, so hopefully this won’t be too grammatically scarring for anyone out there reading!
I don’t really sleep very much – 2 hours a day – so I don’t feel like I’m giving up much on the sleep front.
I am a social writer – so will find a way to get loads of chats in via Skype, maybe Team Speak or Ventrillo…
I have only one small problem at the moment, and that is the fact that I am time-zone impaired. I need to figure out what time-zone to look at and what that means for my GMT!!
Lovely to meet you all!