This is where I come
to feel normal.

I stand here accusingly looking
at angels in the back of a cave.
I’m just a normal girl,
wish I was just
a bit more feminine.

I kick at creeping shadows
casting spells over the angels.
Screaming in my head
and watch the echoes
take roller-coaster rides
on the empty spaces that
bounce off the inner walls
that is my empty soul.

I need something for protection,
I’m sinking into the solid ground
and don’t know how to swim away.
There are no waves to make me drown
Please, please, let the rain come down!
Falling into this dry sea…
No, no emotions to wash away with me!
I am drowning on dry ground!

100 Angels grab my hart
as I wage wars on myself.
I’d cut them loose,
but then I’m left to wipe
the blood from their eyes,
begging them not to bother
with things that won’t
give in to change.

I say bye after a while
and hope to draw at least one smile.
I leave the angels there in that cave
and run so fast, so far away,
I hope to never cross their minds again.
Although I want to make them
feel how much it hurts to miss me.

I’ve got to …
Hang up the phone…
Close the website…
Ignore the e-mail…

this is where I come
to feel normal.

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