Worthless and Banished

I was worthless, craving acceptance

battling conscience

But I was not alone in this tale

My words shall now set sail

To another who shared my veil

He was banished, seeking solace

challenging disgrace

His waves wet my shore and the journey began

I would be of all worth to him, each day and again

He would see through me his suffering was never in vain

And we would fight all battles side by side

Worthless and banished, who no longer hide.




Before Darkness

I veiled my face to hide the blemishes

And hushed the demons that peeped through crevices

I would wait before I could shed my skin

And join brotherhoods akin

I will lie and cherish it before darkness

And then revel in starkness.


You refuse to listen through your fears

To the love that whispers in your ears

Do not think of me as you are, my friend

I listen to the whispers that say love has no end

I carry this truth with me, cushioned in my heart

A habit, would you care to start?

I let it touch my feet on the sand as the waves roll by

I let it caress my cheek as the wind rides high

I let it dance with my heart with each beat

I let it flow, our eyes when they meet

And no magic is stronger, nor more beautiful

No hearts that lovers’ more bountiful

You refuse to believe, crouching behind reality

When love is the most intoxicating fantasy

Do not worry though, non-believer,

Love is the kindest teaser.



The End of Me

The End of you is the beginning of me

You, who I loved but you see

It is time I let go of the worn and the weathered

Will you let me leave an image shattered?

Because time demands it

and I deem it fit

That I leave behind a part of me that I have outgrown

You must too have known

It is the end of you, as I begin myself again