One hour

Bare belonging


A conflict beyond this oscillating world of pleasure and sorrow,

Everyone is able to hear my scream when I’m happier but not when I’m lamenting.

My inner voice has been superseded by fear.. Fear of experiencing existence.

Yet I’m    l     o    n     g     i     n     g     for survival.

But the feeling of disquiet won’t leave me,

The battle is between equals—

my ego & my peace .

My scars of yesterday are becoming tattoos for tomorrow.

Am I supposed to flex it as a victory or to mask them as a failure ?

Each ending seems like a beginning—

a beginning I don’t want to witness.

Greetings fellow writers! 🙂

I hope you all are safe and sound. This is my first time participating in such marathon and I’m glad to be part of of it. I’ll try my best to give justice to words & time. Can’t wait to read your works. Goodluck.

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