Crown of sorrow

All the kings and queens

wear their crown of sorrow.

Heart on their sleeve,

throbbing, shivering

with delight as the moon

blesses them with her curse.

Exclamation mark

What if a broken heart could be mended with

merely a band-aid.

What if a hopeless soul could be filled with hopes and dreams

consisting of cotton candy.

What if the world was a butterfly about to emerge, now

wrapped in its silky bed.

What if we stopped wearing masks,

lying about our future past.

What if dreams and waking life were nothing else

but illusions of a madman.


I invoke the muses to dance with me,

show me the way, seduct my writing and

lure my brain onto an adventure to bring forth

my feelings.

Rawness, openness.


A heart aflutter and oh, so sore.

Blissfully connected while at the same time ignorantly

afraid- so very afraid

of nothing and all at once.

The cold and lonely state of Rigor Mortis can not

compete with the state of

extatic bliss; bleeding on the page

with all my might, fully alive and living.

Tinkerbell’s melody

Morning rays of liquid gold

wakes me up from dream of darkness.

As gems of silver trickle down my cheek

I see my death and life in reverse.

I am forever falling, bedazzled by

the shimmer from a thousand lanterns in the sky.


Sandcastle with thorns

Silence. Muffled thoughts.

Lifeless body staring back from hollow eyes.

Dark circles covered with

shiny stars.

Pouty lips and smeared colour all over

your cheek in a peculiar shape.

At the back of your palm, she said;

“Your future is written”.

Protruding veins and specks of bruises

in violet and yellow sunshine.

It almost loks like the scales on a dragon.

Sacred path

Winding road, seldom walked upon.

Enveloped by quiet darkness.

Tracing fingers along the inside of her arm.

The world is holding her breath in anticipation;

crunching leaves falling from the sky,

greeted by a floor of emerald green.


A small bundle of mess

Life in the outskirts; looking in through foggy windows.

Warmth and laughter seeping out.

Numb fingers, shallow breath.

Stiff body creating silent tears.

Playing a tune to quiet the mind.

Senseless feelings.


Emotional drain without conviction for her sins.

A ruckus of screaming laughter.

The mind takes over-

Total relapse of bodily functions.

Internally screaming,

dancing with the shadow

as a way of nurturing the ego.

Rose bud

If flowers were alive, would you pick them up?

As the earth corrodes, will you take a stand?

When the pain is unbearable, will you end it all?


Do you eternally long for a happy

ever after.

How deep are your roots?

Deep enough to last

a lifetime?

Set fire on my soul

I wish you’d look at me and sway.

Shiver from the very core of your spine.

Feeble heart, trembling with

the very thought

of loosing you.