Shadow figurines

And she chained him to the ground;

bestowed a kiss upon his lips

as if she meant no harm,

and let a crown of sorrow take place

on the top of his head.

Breathing life in death

Blissful state of dreaming.

Sleeping wake

under northern star.

Pale, cold flesh.

Tiny shivers.


When death whispers your name;

this sacred rite,

will hold the answer.

Tear apart the chambers,

cut out

blood from bones.

Bathe in sunlight.

Wish upon a star.

Butterfly cocoon (VII)

Paper thin veil,

lushious heart and blissfully open soul.

Layer upon layer in strokes of heat.

Waves of star constellations;


Convinced by wishful promises,

as secret gardens

were filled by drops of water-

falling like leaves.

Butterfly cocoon (IV)


Velvet and satin ribbon; figures of porcelain.

Counting your blessings in an echo of dreams.


At last.

Lowered lashes over milky white coat.

Leaning closer- breathlessly close.

So close you can feel her warmth.

Morning dew comes

with a shimmery veil of tiny pearls of glitter.

Liquid gold enfolding the mourning of the night.

Butterfly cocoon (II)


“Softly, softly now”, she whispered.

Fragile voice, trembling hands-

brushing against my cheek.

Tender love on fingertips.

Illuminated skin

chasing off the shadows

in pale blue light.


Meow said the cat

Hello everyone!

I’m soo excited about this marathon (I’m doing the full, which feels a bit insane; in a good way tho), and will spend some time next week preparing for this fun challenge by looking up good, inspiring music to listen to while writing. My plan is to have loads of tea and coffee avilable and create a sort of cosy blanket fort where I’ll be able to indulge in this creative endeavor.

I have a feeling some of the poems will turn out like utter and total crap, but hopefully I’ll get some good things going, and if nothing else, it will most certainly be a fun experience.

Good luck to you all ^-^