On this planet right now, seven billion people are living their lives. In the cubicle next to mine, a woman is living hers. She comes to work every day and then goes home to play. She likes to travel on the weekends and party when she can. She grew up in one place and then moved away.

I, on the other hand, have lived many places, including this one. I still moved away from my family, but not from the place I grew up. I still work and come home to play. But I don’t like to party and when I go away, it’s to books or maybe plays.

We are such different people, living such different lives. But right now we happen to work in adjoining cubicles. I have made a new friend by the chance of a job and our lives have crossed for a time. But there are still seven billion people living out there their lives on this Earth. Most of whom, neither of us will ever meet. Each one just as complex and different as me and the woman in the cubicle next door.

Let’s Begin

Let’s begin at the beginning
Because there’s no other place to start.
At least for us lame humans.
That only have one heart.

We must live time in order.
From day to day to day.
Always moving forward
No matter what we say.

At least that’s true in real life
Where everything makes sense.
But in books and poems and stories
There isn’t even a fence

Writers can jump from past to present to future
Follow a little red line
And just do whatever they please.
But only in the pages sewn into a spine.

Despite all of their freedom,
Books still have to start.
Especially for us humans
Because we only have one heart.

Hello everyone!

My name is Alora Wogsland and I’m glad to be back!

I also did the poetry marathon in 2014 and it’s good to be doing it again. I’m looking forward to racing with you all. 😛

Good luck to everyone!

I’ll see you tomorrow….

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