H.O.P.E. – Hour 24

H – Helping others to overcome trials, challenges, disasters, and despair.

O – Overcoming prejudice to offer love and assistance to all, no matter their color or gender or sexual practices.

P – Promising to perform to the best of our abilities within our communities to support and nurture one another.

E – Everyone deserves love. Everyone deserves care. Everyone deserves assistance. Everyone needs HOPE.

Eden – Hour 23

Skies filled with white clouds
fluffy and untainted by gasses and crud
Brilliant sparks of radiant sunshine
piercing straight through

Azure waters gently lap the shore
pink sand free of debris and trash
River beds strewn with rocks
not plastic or paper hats

Forests grown so tall in the rich soil
branches extend tendrils of moss intertwine form bridges and
places for huge birds nests

A breeze so crisp and clear moves green leaves to sing in the wind
Some day I hope to see Mother Earth
back this way again

Pizza Pizza Hour 22

Pizza pizza we love pizza
Pizza here pizza there
Pizza everywhere
Even pizza in our hair

I like mine white in white
no red sauce on mine if you please
Most like salsa and mozzarella
Just white cheese for me is all I need

Keep your bacon and anchovies
heed no tomatoes or tomato seeds
Just plain cheese that is white all
over will do me proudly – see?

Running Water – Hour 21

Running water soothes the soul
replenishes the soil
cleans the spirit
calms the mind

Running water from the rain
feeds the plants
revives the trees
flows deep to cool and ease

Running water in my bath
a deep blue lagoon of blue
Pretending instead
it’s a glistening waterfall running

Feeding the Dogs – Hour 20

One pup was just enough
so decided to get two
more one than makes quite a mess
two make lots of poo!

Up with the sun
to feed the young
furry pups that is
or hear their barking sung

Clean up the bits
those darn kibble bits
they go between my toes
giving me a fit

By noon they beg
come on mom
time to go
for another walk in the lawn

Finally a respite tired they are down for a nap I sit myself down to rest
Soon both have stirred and
now sleep in my lap

Stomachs begin to growl
one wakes then the other as well
tussle and play then time to eat
my day ends as it began can you tell?

My Garden Hour 19

Within my garden
grow Palms
of every kind
Wizened and old
twisted by time

The stoney path
is lined complete
with moss from
Irish moor and land

Above my head
hang hibiscus’s lush
every color on
every strand

A bench made of
century old cedar
so one can sit
instead of stand

Life’s Kaleidoscopic Hour 18

My life is full of color
a rainbow hue of joy
At night as light recedes
so the colors melt away

I prefer the bright yellow sun
to the darkness of the night
A myriad of visions
to dance before my eyes

The night extinguishes
kaleidoscope’s radiant art
I await the morn impatiently
to return its colors to my eyes

Not Who I Am – Hour 16

Wake up at five
brush teeth and hair
Slick it down
not an errant curl

Quick cup of coffee
time for a cherry poptart
feed my pups quickly
wishing for more time to play

Take the old jeep
to the depot station
Stand in line with strangers
study my notes for the day

Board a train with others like me
wishing to be somewhere else
Wondering if they also wished to be
someone else like me

My Mother – Hour 15

My mother is a good person
but not as pretty as most mom’s
Her hands are gnarled and bumpy
her backs not straight or strong

Her hair is thin not lush and long
her teeth have been long gone
If her teeth were white and full
Her smile would’ve been quite full

She loves me unconditionally
and I want to love her back I just wish she looked like all the rest to keep other kids from laughing like that

Redacted – Hour 14

Upon the turn of the century
We (I) beseech my nation
to redact our previous laws
to protect the population (fundamentalists)

These laws allow too much leeway (freedom)
to the people (masses) causing chaos (rebellion)
So in that regard we will redact (takeaway)
particular laws allowing women to make choices (rights)

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