hour twenty four

they all sleep
or read their books
work on laptops
and play on tablets

they order more coffee
or more mineral water

i keep looking
on the window
the clouds
go by

hour twenty three

neko cafe
the guests sipping coffee
through the hours
cats fall asleep
or watch them
sitting in their
favourite places
on the chairs
watching you
go by

the smiles
of the visitors
for a few

hour twenty two

“Blue Clouds”

looking at myself
just like Narcissus
in the pond
I notice
blue clouds
flowing past me
i raise my eyes
and get lost
out of the blue

hour twenty-one

Dear fellow travellers,

I see clouds
as solid
and fluffy
I sometimes think
we could come to
rest on them
lie down
and take a nap

i sleep during the flight
because of this

hour twenty

leading the way
a fox of fire
fiery temper
for red riding hood
next to little red riding hood
papa bear
strong and protective

a safe way
out of
the fairy-tale

hour nineteen

the receptionist’s office
acknowledging my booking
“Welcome home”
i would like to say
my dream came true
next to the elevator
was a psychoanalyst’s office
i would have liked
to knock on his door
and lie down
on the couch
“Thank you”
for looking at me
before my plane takes off
someone at last
showing me priority

hour eighteen

the eyes watching me
from behind the grass
the best green eyes

looking at me
holding my view
for more seconds

than my true love
the gracefulness
of this

miniature feline
stray cat

hour seventeen

at the end of August
you were leaving
the empty space
left in my heart
the empty benches
before the lake
never the same
without seeing
floating by
white swans

hour sixteen

waterlilies floating over the sun
your image over the lens
of his telescope
the starry night
I would like to be once more
floating in his arms
waterlilies floating over the sun

hour fifteen

the blood pressure
very faint
with every degree
from the


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