Against the Current

Against the current

Swelling and gushing

Frothing and foaming

Pooling salivating drool

Rising up into a crescent

And breaking!

With a thunderous roar

Swaying with the waves

Of harmless doubt

Swirling with ripples

Of pulsating excitement,

Then plunging

 To deep despair

Dancing in the glittering water

Of a vast blue sea

Calling and shouting

Pleading mercy

Wailing and yelling

Bursting torrents of rain

From the heart of an abyss

Engulfing, drowning darkness

Of sounds and sights

Flailing, bobbing plights

Desperately splashing

A slapping whiplash

Stinging and soothing

With a mindless void

Crushing and pulling

In a swirling vortex

Of babbling confusion

And watery eyes

And from amid

The emerald darkness

The blind rages

Of a despairing monster

Shoots a ray

Cracking and shattering

The watery illusion

A spark!

Diving in the heart

Of the heartless waters

And bubbling and bobbing

Floating and failing

Breathing and losing

Trickling and teasing

Rippling in waves

And spraying

Droplets of









Water: A Poem

Do you see the water,

Cupping in my hands?

And do you see my tears,

Trickling steadily?

That the water roared and rumbled

And made a great gurgling sound

And the pipe trembled and burst

Spilling water all around

And gently it cascaded

And steadily it cascaded

And gravely it cascaded

Nonchalantly it cascaded

To the nonchalance

Of hundreds of men

Blind with tears

And sticky with sweat

Who never got a drop

Of cascading water


Still Thinking

When words don’t come

And you bang your head

And stare till blood

Blots your papery vision

And the nib pricks your skin

A drop of delicious blue

And you think so hard

But words don’t come

So you keep your pen

Until words do come.

What If?

How would things be


There was no rain?

Parched and cracky and dusty

Pleading for mercy

And all their tears, wasted and dry

Would fill not a babe’s mouth

Not all their shrieks and suffering

All ribs splitting and cracking

And lips cracked and dreams

Cracked and shattered

Would burst open the clouds

Or bless them with mercy, with rain

And all the water flowing and wasting

Smelly and dirtied

Coloured and sullied

With leaves and flowers and corpses

With ash and bleeding starkness

All the waves raging and breaking

Will not grant a gentle wave

Of liquid water.

Fruity Fun

An apple you saw

With breasts red and swollen

And a waist just as dainty

And sweetness spilling from golden lips

Entrancing with fragrance simple and divine


And a pear all mellow

Spotless and yellow

With a bulging pouch

And flat torso

Gentle curves and planes

And it’s taste subtle and exquisite

Lingering on the tongue

Like scent of kisses


And that strawberry

The red seductive berry

Seeds crunching with pulpy lips

Dripping with cream

And decadent desire

A blend perfect of innocent fire

Breezing Past

The wind rustling and fluttering and singing

Roaring and howling and sleeping

Cooling, mesmerizing, eternal

Granting life, spirit, a kernel

Sprouting life and beauty


Breezing past


Left me behind

I listened in sighs and murmurs

But could not find

That echo of your laugh

Or the tune of your smile

The rhythm of your heart

I couldn’t hear in mine

Like wind kissing and caressing

You breezed past






My Friend, No More!

Looking at the pine tree

Its fragrance spicy and fresh

Wafting its aroma

Of a freshly chopped tree


The Gulmohar

With broad evergreen leaves

Flowers a bright red

Of blood leaking from it’s veins


The Banyan, wise and proud

With roots cutting and melding

Through soil and stone and rain

Now a bare stump of wriggling snakes


Those forests, rich and vibrant

Flowers of every smell and taste

Leaves all sweet and dewy

Now wasting like decay and slit lives







My Grandma

Gentle eyes and carefree smiles

My Grandma

Toothless sweets and oily treats

My Grandma

Cotton sarees draped lovingly

My Grandma

Swinging and singing lullabies

My Grandma

A sickly smile dimming her eyes

My Grandma

Frail bony fingers clasping my hands

My Grandma

Slipping to sleep and draped in white

My Grandma






Aching to the bone

Strained eyes

White lies

Frozen knuckles

Stretched muscles


Exhaustion, an old friend

Cloaking in warmth

Washing my pain

My farce, my fancy

Hugs of deep seated sighs

Smiles of tender consolation

Speaking a familiar tongue

Of failed successes

And successful failures


Limping and dangling

Wasted and jangling

Clinking coins of fate

And destiny, all efforts in vain

Washed in the cool sprinkles of rain

My fatigue seeping from my bones

Broken spirits skipping like stones

Gliding on water, swishing fast

The wind of resolution

Braving unto the last

Recalled to life

My memory, my spirits

Gay and smiling

Picking the last bits






Scorching hotness

A spark coming to life

To consume and ravage and spurn

Tongues of fiery glee

Shooting blood and crimson

Glowing orange and yellow

Burning, burning, burning


Sweltering and sweaty

Sticky and slapping

Skin against skin

Rubbing, massaging and squeezing

Itching and stenching

Of creeping naked limbs

And musky breasts

Of old discarded socks

And cool frooti drinks

Bathed in water

Swimming in sweat

Drip-drop, drip-drop

Little droplets collecting in pools

And flowing in streams

Steady and stinking and stale


And then a cool juicy plant

Leaves all turgid and watery

Glossy and green and soft

Cooling refreshing

Flakes and shards of ice

Piercing and plunging

The hearts of hell!

In the deep abyss

Of sweltering hotness

Bursting a fountain of ice

Breaking and crumbling glaciers

Sliding and smashing against

With devilish glee

Of fury and heat


A crackling rage and sweet nector

Of golden apples and tart mangoes

Birds humming and buzzing

A tune of heated dalliance