Prompt Twelve (12): The Best Way Possible [Hour 12]

The Best Way Possible

We begin this journey in the best way possible.

At the end, of course!

For through the end of wish…

Is where manifestation takes place.

Thus, your journey is the end…

And the beginning of fulfillment!

You walk and live in the assumption…

that it is done!

This is the only way to manifest,

if you wish to manifest every-time!

And most do …

Then, you no longer need the question.

Prompt Eleven (11): The Castle [Hour 11]

There’s A Place

The land is green

As far as one can see.

High upon a hill

He stands almost still.

Behind the handsome loving one

Lit by the shining sun …

Is my castle true,

Red brick and lavender blue.

It’s a storybook home,

Safe from any storm.

This place exists in my mind,

And the seasons are kind.

Existing in this heavenly place,

And greeted daily by his loving face.

There’s only joy to behold,

Warmth when it’s cold!

The winds cool our place,

When summer is in place.

It’s my place in this fantasy land,

With him and me,

hand in hand.

Prompt Ten (10): Shadows of Planets [Hour 10]


Losing Earth was harsh;

First we lost the sun…

We had warmth, but did not know from where;

The moon had a shadow, and it did provide light.

Maybe it kept the warmth, or the planet was warmed…

generations ago.

It’s 2120, and one hundred years ago,

my grandfather was born into a virus;

he never got it …

neither did his parents.

They were lucky, safe.

Resilient, perhaps?

He told me, for years…

How Earth had light …

And light had no sound.

His parents were deaf,

so they also had no sound.

He taught me to hear inside;

as he was taught by them.

We will travel out, if we have to…

I wonder if the sun still exists?

Somewhere, it must.

For I know, if it is remembered;

it still is.

And I still feel it.

I was born the day before

the Moon Shadow phase.

I remember the Sun.

I feel I heard it.

It had a sound for me.

Not anymore.


Prompt Nine (9): These Words [Hour 9]

I was in my cottage…

And this strange little bird

… popped in.

He told me, “Ain’t this heat like sin?!”

I looked at the treeline;

shaking the lethargy of

my quarantine.

There my porridge sat,

and ZOOM, the bird spat!

I saw he wore a mask!

And threw a bottle,

at the thing …

No lie,

it was that damned


Prompt Six (6): Ideally

Daddy left on a cold and harsh day.

It was February…

Susie left us on a cool and dry day.

It was November…

It feels unreal, as if we do not exist, anymore.

To explain his fact of life called death.

Daddy was expected to some degree.

Susie just turned 20-years-old.

I once saw her … a vision in an old woman on the train.

It was Susie, if she were in her seventies.

An age she’d never see.

She was wrinkled, only a bit.

The woman on the train.

Saggy, large eyes…worn face.

When Susie, only 17 years was diagnosed with cancer…

Under her left eye …


She had the same thing at age 5.

Perhaps, Susie always had old eyes…

… a look that children with cancer get.

A knowing or maturity…we cannot understand.

As they are brave souls … old souls,

before they are old.


Daddy was old forever, of course.

But when the cancer came …

he got older, still.

Cancer brings old eyes …

at least, the terminal kind.

The face gets grayish.

Maybe it’s just sadness.

Or, eventually, letting go of this lifetime.

Then, just this one day, in August. Ideally, and suddenly.

There was light! From them who had crossed?

They lead me to him. Alive, healthy!

He danced and he sang for me!

He did not know it was for me …

or did he?

He came out, with life in his step!

He was fast and the air was on fire …

that passionate fire!

We connected, almost literally …

Like the fire in his very soul …

His forward motion was quick . . .

I pushed myself off the wall, holding me up!

And I intercepted him in the middle of the room.

When he grabbed me

… for the picture.

That hard grab was strong

…yet gentle at the right moment.

Passionate and held me up,

as I swooned in him embrace.

Life became real, again!

I existed!

I came alive!


NOTE: In 1987 my father died on February 4th, and my young friend, Susie died in November. As Susie was on her  death bed — on August 28th — I met my favorite actor, Tim Curry. This is the actual photograph.


Prompt Five (5): If I Jump Off Here

If I jump off here…

Will you be there?

If I fly away though this path…

Will you join me on the journey?


If I jump off here…

Will I land beside you?

If I never see you again…

Will you seek me forever?

If I jump off here…

Please forgive me soon.

It was not you I left.

It was them.

Prompt Seven (7): Season of the Spirit [Hour 7]

Season of the Spirit

Found her, at last …

What happens now?

It moves so fast…

Will life allow?

What can I see?

I know who I am…

I am free to be!

I give a damn;

I found the key…

To be the who…

And that is me!

I am the very one;

The moon, the stars

… and the blazing sun!

In this knowing,

I create…

My heart is glowing;

And I relate…

The spirit of my soul,

You, too, now will know…

The only goal …

is to realize

…to grow.

God is your inside,

Where the thought,

..and Christ reside.

Religion can rot,

for those who need control.

My freedom was sought!

I am the power,

No doubt…

in this hour,

No need to shout!

Come with me,

I clear the air,

for them to see…

It’s all there!

The season of the spirit!

The season of me!


Prompt Six (6): All Roads Lead To Broadway [Hour 6]

All Roads Lead To Broadway

A soft cool breeze … as I step outside to the fresh spring day!

The smell of New York City … from Central Park.

Green trees and chirping birds …

A song of joy …

A song of life!

Walking with a song in my head …

the notes clear, my voice stronger than ever …

Am I singing out loud? Of course, must rehearse …

and the sight of words that make my heart fill with love: Stage Door

Yes! I am on Broadway . .  .

The Greatest Place on Earth to us who love to . . .

perform theatre!

The smell of the crowd, the roar of the greasepaint . . .

Although, these days, it’s the smell of musty old theatre parts, clean costumes.

The greasepaint is Max Factor and a bit of pancake make-up. Microphones taped in your wig.

Still, a theatre, no matter where or what size … that wood and dust that makes an asthmatic wheeze;

yet, with joy!

Lights blinding me from the coughing, oohs and ahs of the blurred faces.

I can feel their energy, their expectation … butterflies move through my stomach and to my knees.

Nerves mean you care … their energy makes me fly high! I am flying high.

Never toked a day in my life, but every performance on stage … I fly!

Those hot lights feel like God himself is smiling at me . . .

summoning me to sing the joy in my heart and soul!

This is orgasm of the whole body … it’s like an explosion of ecstasy! BOOM!

Manifesting the dream! MAGICAL!

Prompt Four (4): My Dearest . . .

My Dearest …,

We have this place…unseen by most;

We have this bond…since we were born.

We spent the years…apart;

We promised we’d meet…near this end.

As my middle years…come to me hard;

Your senior years…harder still;

Will you allow me in…or have you chose;

To leave me here…alone to deal?

Please tell me you remember…at least, a bit;

I remember it all…and wonder why.

If I am to tell the story…and no one recalls;

Then, why will it matter…to one who is left;

alone to share?

Please return to me…share what we will;

For a moment is enough…then never, at all.

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