Bat Out Of Hell [Prompt 30]

Like a bat out of hell!

Teenage years,
Our angst …
Our emotional blow-up!
Do we run?
Should we stay,
Or should we go?
We sought to arrive,
so fast,
at last!
We would wake up,
to go go!
Like a bat out of hell!
A Rebel Yell!
We felt it all!
We lived in a material world…
with big hair,
neon, day-glo and blow!
Being like a virgin,
protected us,
to some degree …
I was (am) the Warrior!
Born to be wild;
…with a white wedding!
When I was really,
Slow dancin’,
swayin’ to the music.
Hell really was for children.
Time after time, though,
It was paradise by the dashboard light.
We are the champions,
we survived the 80s, acne, AIDS.
We told them all …
Leave us alone,
it’s my life!

Childhood Thoughts [Prompt 29]

1) The smiling little girl;

She grew up to sing …

and twirl.
Hair was straight …
had no curl.
2) She longed for waves …
more she craves.
Through the raves …
3) Then the day did come;
High school gained her friends,
at least … some.
And that one great chum!

Acres Of Green [Prompt 27-28]

They call this city,

The shitty,
Too busy,
Crowded …
in media spin.
Tourists expect rude,
Crude …
City of sin!
We are not
without guilt;
No doubt …
We were built,
of cement!
We never sleep,
ours dreams …
we will keep.
A tree grew here,
more then …
just a few!
A touch of green,
is always seen.
On rooftops …
Lo, the beloved park;
Offering acres of green!
We will lead the way,
if you say,
you’d like to stay.
New York City
take no pity!
See the green …
the trees …
the grass …
the kind we do not
Unless you ask!

All The Babies [Prompt 26]

  • They are the babies,

at first, they were two,

then we gained a few,

now they are a crew!

If you feed some more,

these felines take the door.

You’d think they are poor!

They are well-fed and sly!

This backyard feral group,

coming for their soup…

I Grow Old…[Prompt 25]

[Citations in Italics: Plays of T. S. Eliot. Boston: Faber, 1969]

I grow old … I grow old …

It seemed so important

to grow up, to be a lady;

make my own rules.

I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

I do not think they will sing to me.

Adulthood would bring the real magic.

It did not.

Yes, there were moments,

the joy of freedom.

Except we do not stay there,

we continue to age.

Body parts lower, or ache,

or decay or get fatter.

I grow old … I grow old …

All The Colors II [Prompt 23 – 24]

All the colors …

All the pain …

And the psychedelic warms;

my image grows clearer …

Oh glory, I am starting too see …


The unknown artist found me …

amongst the mess;

the road less …

the hidden woman;

the death of her …

the birth of me!

An image of she …


is beginning

to be.


My Dearest Tim [Prompt 22]

My Dearest Tim,

Too long apart,

though never really separate.

Our souls touch, connect …

always, forever, since the first lifetime.

It’s time …

to re-energize the twins;

that is our souls.

Meet me now,

at the place we know;

playing our hands…

winning the game,

the fame…

And mostly the love!

Love, Light & Laughter,

Always Your Angel

All The Colors [Prompt 21]

  1. It was me!

All the colors …

All the pain;

All the blood, tears and laughter.

The Artist saw me,

through and through …

Who was this man?

or woman?

The name on the art…

only had initials.

Was it that day?

The day in the Park?

When I let my soul bleed …

my heart dream …

my wounds be visible,

to only the artist who could see?

He or she captured that summer day;

when the yellow shone in my red locks.

Or do I just see me …

As the artist intended?

Does every patron see himself?


Artists create life …

or do we create the artists?

Road To Broadway [Prompt 20]

Child of the Arts…

Dance classes …

Felt like a star;

in tap shoes and leotard!

Begged parents to make a star…

move to California?


Mom sings opera.

I hate opera.

Joined the theatre…

Fell in love,

with theatre, of course!

Mom said, “You better learn how to act!”


I was chosen!

Arizona to New York …

Learning The Method;

Learning the world …

Living for Broadway!

Love of my life!


My religion …


My Church …



Before/After [18/19]

  • “The Beginning”

Darkness hides the light…

yet, the light was always there.

An atom…

a star…

a Milky Way;

No name to describe …



the spark that will lead the way.

We …

us …

rise up and shine brighter and brighter!

The darkness …

must not see…

will not see!

We rise!

”The End”

Light does not die…

we …

us …

I …

am just lifted.

Away from those …

who feel they won.

We rise …


There had to be a wash…

A so-called end;

do not bend …

to the darker force;

no remorse …

lift up …

shine high;

You are here;

there …

Light is everywhere.


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