My humblest thanks
For this opportunity
To challenge myself

E Town

Many fond memories
Good times with friends
Studying hard
Homework assignments
TV show binges
Four and a half years together
Now, nearly that long apart


I could use a little sleep right now
But I’ve gotta keep pushing on
So close to the finish line
Just a little bit longer


Water droplets fall
The world is being reborn
Its sins washed away

The Vine

It creeps up the brick
Ever reaching for the sky
Sprouting from
A mere crack in the concrete
It continues to grow
To cling to the red stones
Time passes and its leaves
Now cover the windows
No one has lived there in years
So it doesn’t really matter
It stretches its vines
Swallowing the building slowly
One day you will hardly recognize
The place it once was

Breakfast with Hades

7:30 am.
Something must be wrong.
This is so out of character,
Against routine.
She enters the restaurant
And greets the hostess.

“Table for two,” she tells her
“My party should be here soon.”
“Oh,” the hostess remarks
“Do you mean that gentleman?”
She follows her gaze.
Sure enough, there he is.

“Thank you,” she says
And hurries over to the table.
He’s on time for once?
What in the world?
Something had to be wrong,
It was the only explanation

“Ah, you made it!” He stands.
Motioning for her to sit
“You say it as though I am late.”
He laughs.
“Considering I was here first
I would say that you are.”

She lets out a short breath
“On the contrary,” she says
“You are on time
Or else you were early.”
“But you said it yourself
I am always late.”

“Which is why I’m concerned.”
She stares at him.
“Would you like to order something?”
He asks as he waves to a waiter.
“You must try their waffles
They are next to godly.”

She is losing her patience.
“No, I do not want waffles.
I don’t want food, I don’t want a drink.
Stop beating around the bush.”
She folds her arms
Awaiting his explanation

“Hold the waffles,” he tells the waiter,
Then looks at her, all business.
“It is time for our regular meeting.
I presume you have something for me?
Or perhaps you have nothing at all.
That would be a refreshing change.”

“Our meetings are always at 10:00 sharp.
We meet at the same place every time.
I always wait for you
and when you show up you always get
that ridiculous coffee.
Now, what is going on?”

“I decided to change things up a bit.
Don’t you like it?”
“Change it up?
I am not convinced.”
“My dear, I am a god.
I can and will do as I please.”

They stare each other down.
He isn’t going to give in.
But she can see it in his eyes.
There is a reason for this change
“Fine,” she said, resigned.
He smiles and gives a nod

“Now, what do you have for me?”
She removes the files from her bag
The stack seems larger than last time
“Quite a ‘haul’ this time around.
I’m sure you will be pleased.”
He scowls.

“Is there a problem?” he asks
“Do you have something you would like to say?”
She considers the possibility
And thinks better of it
“Not at all.
Just making an observation.”

He puts his chin in his hands
Resting elbows on the table
“You don’t like me. You despise me.
In fact, I daresay you actually hate me.”
“Isn’t that what mortals do?” she retorts.
“We hate the gods and the feeling is mutual.”

“We do not hate mortals.
Not all of us at least.
And I am highly offended
You would so easily assume that.”
“I don’t care about offending you, sir.
And my assumption is based on fact.”

“Yes, because history always tells the truth.
Your history books say the gods are a myth
Yet somehow you have found yourself
Employed by one.”
“Not my best job choice, I will admit
But it does–somehow–pay the bills.”

He straightens.
“I am not the evil monster you make me out to be.”
Once again he leaves without explanation,
Ever a mystery to be solved.
Sometimes it really pisses her off.
But today, it’s different

She can’t help wondering
What has gotten into him lately?
What is this sudden escalation
Of caring and sentimentality?
She continues to sit alone,
Pondering it all.

I Used to be Fine

I really couldn’t say
What happened to me
Where this person I’ve become
Spawned from
But I know something’s not right
Most days I get by
I can smile and laugh
Convince them it’s alright
When deep down inside me
I’m struggling just to breathe

I’m a mess, but I’ll try
To keep my chin up
And hide it all from you
Because I know how much
It hurt you to see me that way
So I’ll put on an act
I’ll keep smiling
So you feel at ease
It wasn’t always this way
The truth is
I used to be fine

I wish I could just be me
Wish I could just scream it all out
Tell you how much it kills me
To see you behaving this way
And yet I’m expected to be okay
It isn’t fair

It’s a mess, but I’ll try
To keep my thoughts to myself
And pretend nothing you say
Really troubles me
It hurts to see you this way
But I’ll put on a brave face
I’ll keep smiling
So you feel at ease
It wasn’t always this way
The truth is
We used to be fine

A Haiku

I’m dreaming of you
Your smile, laugh, everything
Do you dream of me?

Poem for My Sunshine

She makes me smile easily
I love the sound of her laugh
She loves unconditionally
She has a tender heart
She is not average
She is a superhero
Saving my life every day
With her kindness and love
She is not like us
She far surpasses our ability
To exist, to love, to see the world
For all the beauty that it holds
My life would be empty without her

The Mechanism

Lightning crashes
Storm rages
The mechanism
In the garden
Temptation presses
Curiosity wins

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