In the quest of her realm
She was a wandering soul
Discovering life
She grew
And knew that she herself was a gem!

In the thirst of knowledge
She was a wondering soul
Totally in aww of herself
Constantly questioning her identity
Somehow she knew
She was infinity!

Whilst her life itself had no meaning
Every little thing had a meaning in her life
But while she was alive
She was a witness to everything

Strange were her ways
She went on with the sways
Empty were her days
And success had delays

Locked Up In The Sky

She did not stay locked in the
Cage made of gold
For she herself was a bird
With a heart of gold

High was her flight
Sharp was her sight
Fierce like an eagle
She flew up in the skies

Infinite skies were her home
Never did she fear
Of flying alone

Pride to some
Beloved she was to the others
So they kept her close to them,
Like she was a gem…
They cared for her in all the ways,
Over protection she got from everyone in the way
So she made her place in the treasure,
She was adored beyond measure
Locked inside forever; where nobody could scratch her even in disguise
But she knew the use of keys
And slowly made her way to the people’s eyes
She shone like a diamond
Like God Himself had made her with leisure

A Dream to some
Precious she was to the others
Untouched she felt by them,
They pushed her away
Like she did not belong to them
Unable they were to handle her purity
Undeserving they thought of themselves for her
For their love for her was eternity
They gave her wings to fly…To fly Far away!
But she came back to them
Where she had her freedom
Freedom to infinity
After all,
She was a bird,
A bird full of love and loyalty!

Mysterious She

With a series of follies
She was to agonize
But otherwise
She was, One amongst the Wise

With the sparkle in her eyes
Unseen were her tries
And a mouth full of lies
Unheard were her cries

To the broken ties
She said goodbyes
But love never dies
She was made, just to rise

Unending were her flies
Infinite were her skies
Limitless were her spies
Years together, she was in guise

Unlike many a guys
Never did she compromise
Supernal were her highs
All she did, was, without sighs

Late did she realize,
Fate for her had a surprise;
Everything comes with a price
And On her knees she had to apologize

Yet it is a reprise;
Again, she lives her life king size
Her follies met a demise
And watching the sunrise
She’s all butterflies!

Always There, Often Ignored

That TOUCH heals all the wounds…
And soothes the soul
That LOOK has all my answers…
And the sorrows disappear
That SOUND calms me down…
And only heartbeats are heard
Words are forgotten,
And only the language of SILENCE is spoken!
Power of it is such,
WORDS cannot describe as much!

Magic Or Black Magic?

In the darkness
She felt serene
Always welcoming
The danger unforeseen

In the silence
Everything felt like a dream
Such that,
It could not be seen

In everyone’s eyes
She was a queen
She longed for the one,
Who was unseen

In daytime
She needed hustles
To calm her mind
Midnight was the time for her to shine!

Through the pain she had been
Seldom was she
Harsh and mean.

She was –
A confused soul
In search of herself
With her blood so green!

Waiting To Fall In Love

The man has come!
How I did not see!
How I missed the feeling?
Which has been there for a long time
He was always there
And I never knew!
How I am waiting to fall in love!
Yes, To fall in love with you..

Now he is here;
Glaring at me
Like magic he has got to see!
I wonder “Is it me?”
People with this thought are few
One is them, now, is you..
How I am waiting to fall in love
Yes, To fall in love with you..

This feeling won’t be new
But I wish it to be true
By the smiles you will know
But a cry is important too!
In the eyes you will see
One day, it will be you, and , just you!
How I am waiting to fall in love
Yes, To fall in love with you..

Surprises are on the way!
Wish they are pleasant anyway.
Sparkles in the eyes,
And laughter on the face
With open arms, here I wait
Wondering if you’re the one!
How I am waiting to fall in love
Yes, To fall in love wit you..

Amateur poet, Lyricist, Designer.
First time to participate in the full marathon. Waiting since 2 years to participate in it. Excited to read tons of beautiful poems.