Icarus 19/24

Legend has it
That you died that day
When your wings
Could not stand the strain
And melted
In the heat of the Sun…

Legend may have it wrong
Since last night
I could have sworn
I saw you
In full flight
As you victoriously
Passed through
The Silver Light
Of the Full Moon…

Icarus –
Why don’t you
Drop me a line?
I would like to know
For sure if it was you –
And if it really was,
Then please share
Your secret with me…

For someday,
When Time is right,
I would like
To also fly away
On wings that can
Withstand the test
Against every

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

Love is not a Feeling 18/24

(I’ve chosen the saying “Love is not a feeling” to demonstrate the fact, because so many people think that love is a feeling)

Love is not a feeling –
It’s an act of the will, they say…
But here is how I perceive it –
A lifetime commitment,
renewed every day…

And in that light, my darling
Allow me to tell you this –
Each moment I love you even more
Than the previous moment of bliss…

You fill my entire being,
All my dreams and ideals are in you
As you capture
my thoughts and my feelings
In a love that is faithful and true…

So please take my hand –
Look right into my eyes –
Say you’re fully committed
To me… as I am to you…

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

My Cell Phone 17/24

My cell phone is my life line
If anything weird should happen
That’s the only thing I’ll grab…
I know I have a lot of stuff
My pc is also important,
But without my cell phone
I’m alone when I need help
So yes, I’ll grab my cell phone

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux


Magnificence Incarnate 15/24

Magnificence Incarnate2

(I wrote this to someone special)

In your manner of walking and
In your way of talking
With stars in your eyes –
You’re Magnificence Incarnate…

Whether dancing to a Samba
Or a soft romantic Rumba
When you Glide across the floor –
You’re Magnificence Incarnate…

Whether forceful like a Canine
Or stealthy like a Feline
When you move it spells
Magnificence Incarnate…

You are noble and so gentle
Your middle name could be Yentl
You’re pure Aristocrat –
Magnificence Incarnate…

I’ll always stand by my notion
That you’re poetry in motion
You’re my baby –
You’re Magnificence Incarnate…

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux
(The name Yentl is a Yiddish name meaning “Aristocrat” or “Noble Person”)

Braai 14/24

This is the Afrikaans poem that I have promised. A “braai” is similar to what most of you guys would call a “barbeque”. I chose a Haiku because of lack time… think it went quite well though. 🙂


Braai is so lekker
Dit gaan saam met die Somer
Heerlik sosiaal…

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

Dance… 12/24


Come on, Baby! Let’s Dance!
We’ll open the floor with
A Boogie – let’s dance to
“It’s Raining Men”…

Let me teach you
The steps to the Cha-Cha
It’s so much fun!
Let’s fly to the rhythm of “Crush”

May I show you the essence of
Western Swing…
…hunt you down to the beat of
“Baby One More Time” –

Learn with me how to feel
The sensual moves of Mambo –
Let’s step it up a bit
To “Mambo Number 5” –

Raise the tempo to max
With the flavor of Jive –
Jitterbug to “Runaround Sue”…
Enjoy the blinding speed of Samba –
Sweat it out to the vigorous beat
Of the theme song of “Rio”

Then why not trot around the floor
To the foxtrot perfection
of “Come Fly With Me” –
Or glide in sheer ecstasy
To the waltz magic of
“Three Times a Lady”…

Merengue, just the two of us
Let’s kill the floor
To the magical beat of
“La Duena Del Swing”…

The mystery of Tango –
Guide me and let us glide
Across the floor to
“La Cumparsita”…

Then on to Bolero’s enchantment
Latin’s romantic dance
Let’s soar on the wings of Eagles
To Presley’s “The wonder of you”…

We’ll end with the passionate Rumba –
Beautiful Dance of Love –
And lose ourselves in music to
Boyzone’s “No Matter What”

Finally, just for fun –
If you’re still feeling up to it –
We can dance to the sensual
“Dancando Lambada”…

It will be a fun filled evening
Of music, rhythm and movement
So what do you say, my love,
Shall we dance?

Come on! Let’s dance…!

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

Song References (Unfortunately I lack the technology to upload music):
“It’s Raining Men” – The Weather Girls
“Crush” – Jennifer Paige
“Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears
“Mambo No 5” – Lou Bega
“Runaround Sue” – Dion And The Belmonts
“Theme from Rio” – From the Animated Movie “Rio”
“Come Fly With Me” – Frank Sinatra/Westlife
“Three Times a Lady” – Lionel Richie
“La Duena Del Swing” – Los Hermanos Rosario
“La Cumparsita” – Julio Iglesias
“The wonder of you” – Elvis Presley
“No Matter What” – Boyzone
“Dancando Lambada” – Kaoma

Dusk & Dawn & Dusk (double diamante) 9/24

Don’t know whether there is such a form as “double diamante” – just played around until I had two “diamantes” stuck together 🙂



Brilliant Crimson
Blazing enchanting romantic
Sunset inferno sunrise ember
Blushing winking blooming
Cautious modest
Beautiful golden
Blushing smiling bowing
Sunrise tincture sunset celebration
Burning dancing waving
Gratified happy

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux



We Need Rest… 8/24

We need to come to a place
Where we would be able
To realize the importance
Of being human…

We need the assurance that –
No Matter what –
We will not lose our dignity
Because we are human…

We need to understand
That we need each other,
And also the animals,
And also the plants…

We need to link these all together
And begin to reverse the effect
Of carbon footprints
On this planet we that call “home”

And most of all…

We need to come to a point
Where we know for sure
That we need God
So that we can rest…

And last, but not least,
We need His Grace…
And we need His true rest
That only His Grace can bring…

Yes we, like all else,
Need rest…

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux







Evening… 7/24


Sunset At Moonshine

Red ball of fire lies low
Upon a bank of amber clouds,
Hesitant to dive over the horizon
For the umpteenth time
Since its inception…

Then suddenly it curtseys…
And is gone – cool replaces heat –
And Venus appears
With a shy wink in the
Midnight-blue sky

Moon’s shiny disk joins in –
Paints everything in her path
A vibrant bluish silver –
How I wish I could – only this once –
Join her on her mystic journey…

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

moon over ocean

Maera – The Hound of Erigone 6/24


Oh Maera, virtuous hound…
So much more than just a dog,
You were Loyalty Incarnate.

How swift your tread when you found
The grave of Icarius,
Father of Erigone your mistress,
Where he was murdered and buried…

When she hung herself
Because of grief for her father
Your canine heart broke
And the tragedy became three-fold…

How vast your love
And how deep your grief
When you cast yourself
Off the cliff that day
And followed her soul
Into the afterlife…

The honor bestowed on you
Was bittersweet when you
Became Procyon in Canis Minor
And Erigone became
The Virgo constellation –
So close you were on Earth…
Yet so far apart among the stars…

How beautiful your shining –
For everyone to see –
How profound your sacrifice of Self –
Maera – the Dog Star…

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux