Hour Three, Prompt Four – Neighborly Escapades

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Image Courtesy of “Prawny” at Pixabay


Thoughtful, I wander

past my nextdoor neighbours’ gate.

Yip, Sally is “at it” again…

Boy, does that woman have a voice!

I pity her poor husband…

Not to mention her gandchildren

when they come to visit…

There! She’s shouting at the dogs again!

No wonder those dogs can’t stop barking…

They’re just following her example.

Better get away from here

Just now, she’ll shout at me!

And knowing me, being a Pisces

I’ll just rise to the bait…!


Oops! The guy across the road

is approaching Sally’s gate!

Could be interesting!

I’ll just return to my PC

And post my poem…


Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

Hour Two – A Dog’s Magic

Image Courtesy of “DimitrisVetsikas” at Pixabay


Dog’s have a special kind of magic.

What lies captive in the eyes of a dog

Is worth wondering about,

Since the thoughts of a dog

Are pure and true.

The stare of a dog capivates,

And holds one captive at the same time.

Once a dog has assessed a human

It never changes its perspective.

The words “First impressions last”

Is truest with a dog. Their instinct never fails

For that reason, I will always be a dog person

Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

Hour One – Plight of a Teenage Girl

Image courtesy of Soorelis at Pixabay


I am happy, then I am sad;

I am young but feel so old

Then I am old but feel so young;

Sometimes, I am “just me”

Other times, I am everyone

I could possibly think to be

When I’m awake, I am “just me”

But in my dreams, I am “real me”

In my dreams I am Elven Princess

When I’m awake I just pretend to be…

I am chrysalis waiting to come into being

Soon, I’ll be able to say: “I am Butterfly”

Antoinette LeRoux © 2019

My Kitchen – Poem 23/24

My kitchen is small and warm

Just big enough for me and my Sasha.

She’s all that I need in my little kitchen

She is my dog, I don’t people around

She’s all that I need:

My Sasha…

Antoinette LeRoux © 2016


My Sasha, now 10 months old

Blue Clouds (Tanka) – Poem 22/24

Storm that rumbles loud

Waves that fall on rocks beneath

Tears that stain the sand

Blue clouds that keep on coming

To break and shatter my dreams


Antoinette LeRoux © 2016

blue clouds

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Step Back Into Life – Poem 21/24

Dear Loved One,


I cannot express myself too clearly

When I vocalise the words

So I have decided

To write you this poem:


King of your castle, the world at your feet…

That’s how I prefer to see you my Sweet;

But the smile on your face seems different, today

As it touches your eyes in down tones of Gray.

The tone in your voice spells the fear in your heart,

Revealing a lifetime of bruises and scars.

Action speaks louder than words as you try

To disguise your wounded soul

While you silently cry

For moments and years that were twisted by fate,

And for time that was wasted through senseless debate.


But with me, dear Beloved, you don’t have to pretend –

Just relax in my presence – let me help you to mend

All that terrible brokenness – conquer all strife

As you slowly, but surely, step back into life.


Antoinette LeRoux © 2016


Image courtesy of Google Images

Have A nice Day – Poem 19/24

Pardon me, old fellow

Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh?


Telling her off like that

And then leaving with a mere:

“Have a nice day”?


Guess you’ve never heard

That you could hurt your wife’s feelings?


Guess not! Well it’s time for me to leave now

And I leave you with this:


Saying “Welcome home” to her

Would not have taken anything from you.

It’s called “common courtesy…”


Have a nice day!


Antoinette LeRoux © 2016


angry emoticon

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For My Riska (1990 – 1998) – Poem 18/24

You never won any titles, but you irrevocably won my heart.


You ruled your Canine peers like a Queen-

Your authority was absolute and uncontested,

Your doggy bark-talk was soft but firm…

Your deeply seated unwavering maternal instinct

Ensured the safety of your babies with utter confidence…


“Siegerin”, “Grand Victrix” or “Champion”

Would never form a part of you pedigree

But in my heart that seat always belongs to you.

You will always be “Riska” – My OWN little “Siegerin”

Riska – uncontestably “Champion…


When you walked into the ring you were proud –

Self-confident, like an Africa Princess

Blue blood flowed warm through your veins

Your muscles were supple and perfect

A burning fire glowed in your eyes

And inner strength showed off

Your noble character that flashed from your being

With open pride and skilfully toned beauty

Nobody and nothing could ever extinguish

The flame within you…




…except that which was latent in your genes

Even before you were born…

…which lay cold and evil,

Waiting to steal exactly that which you exalted

With each breath, sound and movement…


…your life…


Had I but known but beforehand…

Perhaps then you would have stood a chance…


Who would have thought that this hour of hellish brokenness,

This moment of brutal separation,

Would come so quick and sudden,

So black and oh so lonely?


Why did the cruel cancer had to choose you?

You were but 8 years old…


Why did it have to be your clear brown eyes,

Always burning with fire and self-confidence,

That so suddenly turned dull and lifeless?

Why your beautiful head that suddenly

Came to rest against my shoulder?


Why did I, whom you have trusted above all else

Have to be the one that ultimately betrayed you?


Why me? Why you… my Riska?


Antoinette LeRoux © 2016

Dis My Riska_1

My Riska (1990 – 1998)

I Bid You Farewell – Poem 16/24

I bid you farewell, dear Friend

I just came from a meeting

Found out about betrayal


With “friends” like you

I don’t need any enemies

You’re a crappy example

Of the meaning of “friend”


Don’t ask any questions

And you’ll hear no lies

Just know that I do not consider you

To be my best friend anymore


When I walk through this door

My back will be turned…


I bid you farewell, dear “friend”…


Antoinette LeRoux © 2016


Image courtesy of Google Images