I am John Wick and you may have seen my movie,

but here is my story, in poetic poetry.


I was an assassin, but had given up the criminal life,

so that I can be with my love, my wife.

She then became ill, died and just like that she was gone,

gifting me a dog, to make it bearable to mourn.


The mafia stole my Camaro and my dog they killed.

They awoke the devil in me, that was once stilled.

I declared war and prepared myself for revenge,

to get back my car, and my puppy to avenge.


The body count rise as I kill and fight.

Beware, you thieves that had unjustly trampled on my right.

Safety and honour is secured as I check into Hotel Continental,

but my war cry leads me to break the rules so fundamental.

I kill all the baddies and retrieve my car,

you should not have messed with me, a fighting persona.


But it does not end there, there is a twist to my story,

Tune into next years marathon poetry,

when all will be revealed,

in John Wick Chapters Two and Three!




From my mouth, to my ear, to my brain,

such unbearable, excruciating, pulsating pain.

A cavity, it’s all about,

your wisdom, said the dentist, we must pull out.


I am a strong man, if you are not aware,

but dentists, they scare me, I do declare!

The needles and drills on the side, looks intimidating,

enough to almost send me in a frenzy of fainting


“Open your mouth wide, you’ll just feel a prick”

“Oh my word, the needle is the size of an ice-pick!”

My mouth goes numb as I clutched my wife’s hand in a vice grip of panic.

This scary dentist makes me sick, sick, sick.


With a heave and a pull and a crack and a blood curdling cry,

My wisdom is out, the experience, almost enough to make me die.

“Spit in this bowl, if you have any dribble”

“Unge! Unge! Unge! ” is all my numb mouth can mumble.


I am now less of a whizz and more dumb!

Bereft am I of any wisdom!





The cottage was scary looking and desolate,

at the edge of the forest.

The drone, also known as “Firefly” by its owner

hovered above.

Its owner waiting at the treeline,

scouting and surveiling the area.

The heat unusually, scorchingly oppressive.


“Okay, Firefly”  he hoarsely whispered.

“Let’s see who is in the cottage” he said,

as he lowered the drone and zoomed in

on the high resolution camera.


“Oh my God” he exclaimed!

at the strange demonic, slimy porridge, alien sight.


Beep! Beeep! Beep!  Firefly fell to the ground!

Electromagnetic Pulse frying its motherboard

with a sizzling sound!


We will never know what really happened there,

as the owner and Firefly disappeared in thin air!


Alexandra Park in Pietermaritzburg, what a sight!

In my childhood, a frequent delight,

set on the outskirts of the city,

blossoming flowers, green grass and huge trees, so shady.


Weekends, my parents will take us to the park for fun,

to play on the swings or wildly run.

In my teens, my brother, cousins and I, planned a picnic,

to Alexandra Park for adventure and frolic.

We prepared snacks and walked a long way,

playing games, relaxing and just enjoying a great day.


Alexandra Park, a place close to my heart,

that is where my driving lessons did start.

Wide open spaces, easy the car to navigate,

without any road users to irritate.


Across the road, a Victorian cricket stadium so scenic.

we saw local and national teams play, that makes me nostalgic.

In May, “Cars in the Park” was hosted,

a display of vintage to sports cars, displayed and boasted.


Alexandra Park, a childhood place of happiness,

with fond memories, I do miss.


From the current protest, without diminishing its value.

Every Life Matters, should be the chant anew.

Collateral damage should not be applied to any life.

Upliftment of each other, we must strive.


A mother who gives birth to a child stillborn,

A child who loses his father in a land war torn.

A father who has to bury his youthful son, murdered.

To somebody or the other, every life mattered.


To quote a Zen proverb, so apt:

” One falling leaf, is just not one leaf,

it means the whole autumn.

Hence one falling life, is not just a loss to a family,

it is a loss to the entire humanity.



As the sun sets and gives way to the shimmering stars,

the gentle lapping of the water on the bow of the boat,

I search for and entwine my fingers in your warm, soft hands.

As the night sets in,

a sliver of the luminescent moon,

reflects off the still water and kisses your cheek.


Breathtakingly beautiful, you are in this glow,

My heart constricts in this moment,

out of love for you.

I reach out to bring you closer to me,

to embrace you.


The boat rocks gently, as our lips meet,

your fragrance permeates the still air,

all else melts away, just you and I

under the starry, moonlit night.

6. True Love

True love, is you and me.

This love an epitome

Strong as steel it has withstood all,

never to stop or stall.


The meaning of true love, I now understand,

it is love that all adversities, withstand.

True love, is not an emotion that is fleeting,

but it’s that which keeps my heart beating.


It is this love that has brought us this far.

True as a guiding star.

It is this love that I look forward to.

This epitome of true love, me and you.


Through good and the lean,

besides me, you have always been.

I cling fast to this emotion, this love,

because I know that it is true.

This love that I have for you!


This month Bollywood was rocked:

an actor had died.

It is alleged that he,

committed suicide.


What draws a person, to take the life of his own?

Is depression, so strong that it will pull you down?

Sinking and sinking in its murky dark depth,

suffocating you, eventually asphyxiating your breath.


When depression, slithers its cold tentacles, is suicide the only choice?

Can no one reach out to you, with a sound reasonable voice?

The terror and trauma of the final moment,

when life ebbs away, in death indecent.


The horror and pain of the loved ones left behind,

when the lifeless body, discovered and find.

The guilt, as they come to terms for realising that they could do something,

that could prevent you from this act, committing.


Seek help, if you are in depression,

because suicide is definitely not an option.


We are at opposite sides of the world,

but never apart.

Distance makes fonder, the heart.


Growing up, amusing adventures, we have shared.

Standing united, through thick and thin, we have dared.

To school, we would walk together.

a quick game of Pac-man before school to enter.


We are different, but of the same gene pool.

With your company, the soccer and cricket grounds, we would rule.

Any difference of opinion between ourselves we would resolve,

but never into a fight would, it devolve.


At university, our own digs, together we had.

and a car that always needed fixing, that would drive us mad.

Living on our own, together we learned independence,

through all this, you taught me confidence.


To You, my Brother.

Unlike any other!


When you are young, you are energetic and bold.

When you age, it’s difficult to be old.

Fear now takes over,

as you become older.


Fear of…….

…falling and breaking bones, of sickness and not recovering,

… not being taken seriously, when once you were a leader,

…being a soft target for being mugged,

…using advanced technology when once was a developer,

…losing memory, when once there was a razor sharp wit,

…being dependant for meals to you to bring,

when once, of your own kitchen you were the Queen or King.

…losing eyesight, when once there was foresight,

…empty nest, when one there was a full house,

… being a financial burden to loved ones, when once was a provider,

…of loneliness, when once was the centre of attraction

… who will take care of you, when ill, when once was the caretaker and caregiver.


Spend time with them, cherish them,

if you have any aged in your family,

because one day, they will be gone

and will be just a part of your memory.


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