Control, Alt, Delete!

Pressing all these keys, yet the virus does not deplete.

This Covid19/Corona virus has no cure.

No antivirus can be installed, for your system to secure.


Conspiracy Theories, abound,

that makes my head spin round and round.

Yet there is an increase in the infection rate

and no decrease in the death rate.


The virus lingers in the air.

To cough, to sneeze, beware!

On surfaces, it may reside.

On the soles of the shoes, it may hide.


The virus may enter through the eyes, mouth or nose.

Hence, breathing problems, it may pose.

On a ventilator, in a hospital, you may be.

The virus attacks your lungs, if you have a co morbidity.


Whether it is false or true,

from being infected with this or any other virus,

may God save me and you!


The world has turned upside down.

Social distancing is the new norm.

It takes some getting use to, this life in lockdown.

in all its unique form.


My profession, I conduct over social media.

Zoom meetings, telephone consultations are all virtual.

To make it work, finding a new way, a new idea.

Is this going to be the new perpetual?


No restaurants and no eating out!

No cinema, no sports and no social gathering!

Always a mask on my face if I am out and about

Always washing hands and sanitizing!


But Wait!  Social distancing has some positive privilege.

My home is my new office, hence no traffic.

More time to spend with my family, an added advantage

No longer in a rat race, rushing here and there to make quick.

This new norm, I can get use to,

since, staying at home, circumvents, çontracting the corona flu!


12. Sonnet- My love for you!

In stages does love grow

as it moves from attraction

to a burning glow.

From steaming hot to tender passion.


Shakespear wrote ” love does not alter when alterations find”

It is like a burning ember of coal,

a strong emotion, that two hearts , bind.

It is a commitment towards a mutual goal.


Love is not trivial , but a reality.

It is a feeling so true and sublime.

Rose coloured eyes where anything seen is just beauty.

Soft and peaceful,  a poetic rhyme.


Whatever I pen, I know its true

Because thats the way,  I feel about you!


11. Moonbeam

11. Moonbeam

It’s past midnight

as I sip my coffee

and dig into my concrete filled brain,

to write some inspirational poetry.

Damn this fog!


The croaking frog!

Glowing from a shimmering moonbeam

Inspiring a poem!


10. A.I

10. A. I

In the very near tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence is a fact not a dream

An intelligence from human kind they wil initially borrow.

And then surpass humans as a team.


Predicted by Asimov and Stephen Hawking

Robots will be superior by far.

Motional and intellectually talking.

In the 80′ s KITT was just an imaginary car.


The world as we know it would change and evolve.

Coding,  robotics and genetically modified,

buzz words round and round will revolve

Until A. I will rule and be ratified .


Will humankind adapt or become extinct?

Will AI allow us to populate and survive

Arguement is rife with a possibillty so distinct

That AI will humankind into extinction would drive.

9. 200 up!

9.   200 UP!

Coinciding with the cricket world cup

this poem marks my 200 up!

With this poem, a milestone.

200th poem in a marathon.!


20 and some odd years,

I began to write with trepidation and sometimes, fears.

Each poem of mine, is a work I cherish,

since writing poetry is a passion , I relish.


Poetry has taught me , strength and discipline to find.

To flex the build and flex the muscle of my mind.

Through happiness and depression,

writing poetry , my solace and companion.


Inspiration , like my pen, is not dry!

Towards another double century, I am going to try!



8. Advice to my Children

My advice to my children,

Education! Education! Education!

Nothing better to open an individual’s mind

Where there is love for learning, you will find.


Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave,

this injunction,  you must follow,

will guide you rightly to behave,

through lifes every high and low.


Education is the key to success,

it opens up every door

towards progress

without which you will be intellectually poor.


Once you have tasted the sweetness of education,

you would find peace of mind and liberation

and without education

you open yourself to oppression



7. Deconstructing Poetry 


Be it  Shakespear or Rumi,

People are intimidated by poetry.

But poetry is just a talented art,

that a poet uses, to write from within  his/ her heart.

There is hardly a hidden meaning,

when a poet is composing.


Haiku, Lymericks and couplets,

are writing styles, like sonnets.

They give to the poem, flavour and form

and with free verse any style is the norm.


Similes and comparisons,  to the words add spice

just as fantastic is another word for nice.

Idioms and methaphors are used

so that plain language may be abused.


There is nothing so difficult about writing poetry,

all you need is a little bit of inspiration

and some creativity.




Brakes slammed hard!

Traffic comes to a halt!

The ambulance light flashes

as it navigates on the emergency lane.


Cannot move forward or reverse.

Stuck in traffic!

Claustrophobic , confined to the interior of my vehicle.

The heat rises from the black tar

in waves of smoke,

mixed and mingled with exhaust fumes.


The air con splutters to a stop


Gas depleted!

Sweat now trickles down my temples .

The sun visor seems oblivious of its inherent duty.

Weary,  tired and claustrophobic,

Stuck in traffic.



5. Social Media


The boy sits bent over his phone,

the surrounding does not matter, as if he is alone.

Smiling to himself, nothing does he hear,

plugs from his phone to his ear.


Everyone can now predict

that he has become a phone addict.

A recluse and an anti social

against authority,  he begins to rebel.


He needs to be at the cusp of every chat

on Instagram, twitter , Facebook and WhatsApp.

All day and night awake,

an exciting  wholesome life, he will forsake.


Social media will be his fall from grace

because he cannot live life at full pace.

The people around him ,worry

about how to get him out of this folly.

Shouting,  threatening even extra loving  they have tried all,

to arrest this anti social, media dependant, fall.