4  The most beautiful


Her tresses,

aglow and aflame,

framed by the backdrop of the

blood moon.


Breathtakingly beautiful,

I stare at her,

my heart beating faster.

In awe of her beauty,

the blood moon hides behind a cloud,



Her breath stills the night,

her fragrance permeates.

The twinkle of her eyes

alludes to a hint of mischievousness


She is the most beautiful creation of God!

She is the most beautiful in the universe!

It is with pride,  I announce,

She is my wife!


3. The hand of God.

Looking for the local beggar

on the street corner

to hand to him, some leftover food

that was wholesome, nourishing and good.


But he was not there!

Were could he be   O’ were!

What would I now with the food do

Before it turns to a messy goo!


Up and down,  I drive on the street.

My eyes searching in the heat.

I am now for work, late.

Were would the beggar be hiding, I berate!


I’m almost at my office  30 minutes later.

Forgotten is the parcel for the beggar

On my window , a sharp rap rap.

Startled, I stare at this disheveled chap.

” Sorry Sir! I am very  hungry,

do you have any food or money”


The food I hand over

as he nods, smiles and saunter.

I think this is profound.

There was a reason why the beggar on my street was not around.

Because God destined that this food for that particular person be found.

2. Cancer


I see her face, once expressive,

now pallid and pensive.

I see her eyes, persuasive and bright,

now full and dark with fright.


Her hair, once full, now gone,

energy depleted, night and morn.

She worries for her children n family,

How will they manage with her so sickly.


Overnight the world changed for her,

when she was diagnosed with cancer.

The trauma of radiation and chemo,

Inspite of this the dread that the  cancer cells might grow.

The pain! The pain! The pain!

On the mind,  body and soul,  a drain!


I try to give her comfort to cope

but I know she has given up all hope!


Marathon Lymerick


There was a poet who loved to write

so he joined the marathon,to get his delight

Inspired was he by his peers,

that he forgot all his fears

and wrote poetry all through the night.

11. Your Beauty

11. Your beauty

Neither Shakespeare, MIlton or Rumi

could ever describe your beauty.

No poet has ever penned such poetry

that would describe you,fully.


Your hair, as soft wisps of cloud.

Your demeanour, apart from the usual crowd.

Your brown complexion,

a sight beyond comparison.


Your soft lips, so full,

at my heartstrings do pull.

Your breath, honey sweet

that makes erratic, my heart beat.


Cheeks rooched with natural colour and passion

Eyes bright and full of expression.

Smile as radiant as the sun.

For me, you are the only one.


These words are just words and in front of you they are bland

As compared to your beauty, so grand


Anwar Suleman

10. Vertigo

10.  Vertigo

How can love be an emotion so low

when it has scaled the heights of vertigo.

It is an emotion so ecstatic

an emotion so raw and realistic.


This love for you! Oh My!

At it’s pinnacle, so high!

Never to fall from grace or die,

Until my end of days, will soar and fly.


You are my love, my sweetheart!

Never, ever let go

of this love, this vertigo!

9. Cyber Bullying

9. Cyber Bullying

I see the boy, in the corner, sitting

alone with his teeth chattering.

In fear, shivering,

a victim of cyber bullying.


On social media

he was a regular.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat

until his cyber friends called him ugly and fat.


His comments, now became a source of ridicule

amongst other name calling , he was now a fool.

His pictures, once liked

were disfigured since his accounts were hacked.


His life was being threatened and in danger.

His integrity and self esteem at its lowest, did plunder.

Once he was popular,

Now he is a blunder.


Protect our children from into these vices, from falling.

Stop this Cyber Bullying.


Anwar Suleman.

8. Vacation at Sun City

8. Vacation at Sun City

A place in South Africa called Sun City

fun and entertainment, the place to be.

In March,we did go there for vacation

and enjoyed with heart’s satisfaction.


A beautiful,spectacular man made beach,

by walking down the scenic trails we did, the Sands reach.

The wave machine , churning the clear water.

My son,attracting the gazes of the girls sitting near.


Lost antiquities of Humankind

as you traips through the Lost City, you will find.

My daughter went crazy

in the arcade of games of fantasy.


In horror,we climbed the suspended swinging bridge

as you reach the amazing maze on the ridge.

We got lost and then found and then lost again

when the trail was wet with rain.


The ten pin bowling was a hit and a pleasure,

the night life is what we enjoyed and will remember. Cannot wait to once again see,

Fun tastic Sun City.


Anwar Suleman

7. The Sleep of Lovers

7. The Sleep of Lovers

I lie besides you

listening to your even breathing,

as you sleep

the lampshade illuminates one

half of your beautiful face

leaving the other half in silhouette.


My heart constricts

out of sheer intense love I feel for you.

My breath catches in my throat.

I cannot take my eyes of you.

After all these years

you still have this effect on me.


I want to reach over and caress you,

kiss those slightly parted lips,

embrace you in my arms.

I hesitate…for fear of waking you.

Subconsciously, you feel my intense gaze.

Your sleepy expressive eyes open

ever so slightly and focus on me.

You smile and my heart lurches again

in total love and adoration for you.


I switch the lampshade off

and we sleep in embrace,

the blissful sleep of lovers in a cocoon of love.

Anwar Suleman

6. Corruption

6.  Corruption

In every facet of government

from the top to the bottom,

you will find corruption.


Is this what we voted for?

Is this why we put you in power,

so that you can rape this innocent beautiful country?


Stealing from the state coffers,

to enrich your own pockets.

Shame on you! You corrupted Politicians!


You walk with contemptuous arrogance into Parliament.

As if it is your own Kingdom n Fiefdom.

Yet on the streets the public is in abject poverty.


Wake up Populus!

Stop voting for these incorrigible Politicians.

Rise up against Corruption!

Free yourself from being enslaved by their lies.


Anwar Suleman